A semi-automatic….. revolver?

Patented in 1896 and going into production in 1901, the Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver was the brainchild of British Col. George Vincent Fosbery, VC. Fosbery was a career military officer who had served in India for many years (and won his Victoria Cross there in 1863). He was also an avid fan of guns and firearm technology, and the Webley-Fosbery was only one of his several relatively successful inventions (others include an exploding bullet used largely for range-finding and the Paradox system for shooting shot or ball relatively accurately through the same barrel).
-John Deaux

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9 Responses to A semi-automatic….. revolver?

  1. Al_in_Ottawa says:

    I had a chance to buy one in the early ’90s but the fact the seller didn’t have any .455 Webley ammo for test firing put me off. About ten years later, I saw the same gun at the range with the new owner happily blasting away. He let me shoot a cylinder full, it’s a really fun gun. I’m still kicking myself over not taking the gamble.

    • massimo7 says:

      yea I had a chance to pick one up in the eighty’s and passed it up. still kicking my self over that one.

  2. Bear says:

    Don’t forget the Dardick; a mag-fed revolver.

  3. lineman says:

    I have one made by the the Italians called the Mateba and it is a lot of fun to shoot…

  4. Crotalus says:

    Double-action revolver. Think about it: one shot per trigger pull, multiple round cylinder, equivalent to a magazine. The only differences are technical. BATFeces can have a field day with this!

  5. M. Sage says:

    There are full auto cannon that use a revolver type setup. During WWII, the Germans developed a 20mm cannon that used revolving cylinders called the MG 213 that never saw use. The Allies got hold of it after the war and started developing aircraft cannon based on it. Revolver autocannon are pretty popular on British aircraft. I think the French are big fans, too.

    Overall, they work kind of like the powered gatlings the US likes, but they’re lighter and with less weight in the rotating assembly, get up to speed faster for a higher initial rate of fire. One barrel means you have to let off the trigger sooner to keep from burning the barrel up, though.

  6. wildbill says:

    Gunny Ermey had one on his show recently. Neat pistol.

  7. Doonhamer says:

    Also you were not just awarded a VC for good attendance.
    Interesting man.

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