Afternoon Florida news

A federal judge on Monday sentenced former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown to five years in prison on fraud and other charges related to a purported charity for poor students that she used as a personal slush fund.

Brown, 71, was ordered to turn herself in to authorities no earlier than Jan. 8. She represented a Florida district that included Jacksonville during her nearly 25-year career.

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13 Responses to Afternoon Florida news

  1. nwoldude says:

    Take away her pension like “they” would to a General.

  2. Andrew says:

    This bitch has been an embarrassment since day 1. They literally forced a district that stretched from Jacksonville to just north of the Orlando mess, with some sections only 1-2 houses wide. A friend’s house can be seen on the district map as it jogs around her and her family’s properties.

    And then the ‘people’ elect someone about as stupid and probably about as corrupt as Brown as her successor.

    Fuck gerrymandering districts to ‘represent’ minorities. Fuck them. Fuck them all.

  3. crazyeighter says:

    Feel-good story of the DAY! May I suggest she be confined at Raiford, so she’ll be close to her fambly.

  4. Stretch says:

    I certain she’ll “retire” to a Caribbean paradise just after Christmas.

  5. Terry says:

    OK, Christmas is back on. It is a Christmas Miracle!!!!

  6. nonncom says:

    Hey, at least Florida got one….now, if the rest of the country will wake up and do the same….Maxine Waters, anyone?…..Schumer?…..Fienstien?….Sharpton?….

  7. fuck her ! luis says:

    Just like true to her race she ran the “Din Du Nothin”, blamed her former chief of staff.
    Bet when she goes to turn herself in, she will be on a wheelchair, wearing an oxygen mask connected to the biggest tanks in the world.
    Now if only we could Hillary to be her cell mate along with that creep Harry Reid.

  8. majmike says:

    Care to play “Guess the Party” with this one?

  9. Daniel K Day says:

    Don’t forget her starring role in this famous video:

  10. Bob Reavis says:

    Din-du-nuffin ?

  11. Andrew says:

    And the City of Gainesville, FL, won’t rename the $35 million city bus terminal named after this bitch. They put a ‘yet’ on the end of their statement, which in City of Gainesville speak means “No, we’re not going to take the name of our very own magic negro from the boondoggle that bears her name.”

    Now, they got rid of “Old Joe,” the monument to fallen Confederates (but they nicely handed it back to the Daughters of the Confederacy so the DOC could put it on private land.)

    What do you expect from a city that has one of it’s claims to fame is it is mentioned in a Cthulhu story (one of the city’s cemetaries, no, really.)

    Fuck. Call in a panzer blitz on this fucking commie town. And, no, can’t afford to move, so I am sticking it out and being a pain in the ass to all the socialists, communists, leftists, feminists etal.

  12. Steve Brown says:

    An early Christmas present for many, many people!
    Well done, Judge.

  13. truthzzzz says:

    She did not steal in an industrial nation size effort like Bill and Hillary Clinton. So she never bought off enough to avoid eventual prosecution.
    She’s a normal Democrat.

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