AR-15s. Handguns. Shotgun. 55 rounds. 75 feet. No hits.

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A CBS4 Investigation has learned Arapahoe County Deputies and Colorado State Troopers poured more than 50 shots into a stationary car in March believing the driver was armed. It now turns out she was only armed with either a dustbuster or tire jack but emerged unscathed. However at least one deputy inadvertently shot up a marked state patrol unit during the unusual standoff.

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19 Responses to AR-15s. Handguns. Shotgun. 55 rounds. 75 feet. No hits.

  1. Can’t stop laughing. And if you’re even glancing sideways at your sight picture how in the ever loving hell do you not know you put 28 rounds into the cruiser you’re standing behind. Bet the NYC PD are happy to know they are now one notch above bottom. They at least managed to hit a few by standers.

    • WiscoDave says:

      Only thing I can think of is his optics were above the car but his muzzle wasn’t.
      Either way the taxpayer is footing the repair bill or cost of new cruiser…

      • Yeah, must of had an A1 upper with a carry handle mounted see-thru riser sporting one of those humongous red dots. About 3.5 inches above the muzzle. I think the nearest training range must be in Georgia

        • M. Sage says:

          AR15s all have high sights. Got to watch that when you’re shooting over stuff. But I’ve even seen it done with hunting rifles.

          All firearms have sights above the barrel. It doesn’t matter if it’s an AR, a shotgun, or a pistol; if you’re shooting over something, it’s possible (especially if you’re trying to keep low) to hit whatever’s in front of you.

          Simplest fix I’ve seen with the AR is to lay the rifle on its left side when you shoot over something. You can keep low, and you won’t hit your cover.

  2. Chris Mallory says:

    Man, here is the money quote from that article:

    “Photos of the crime scene obtained by CBS4 also show that in the bursts of gunfire, an Arapahoe County deputy accidentally shot up a state patrol cruiser. Reports suggest the patrol vehicle was struck 28 times. The deputy was standing immediately behind the car but was apparently unaware that many of his shots intended for Johnson were actually hitting the patrol car. Arapahoe County Sheriff Dave Walcher said,”With all the distractions and lights I don’t think our deputy realized he was hitting the top of the car”. He said his department is doing additional training to address the misfires.”

    Did this dumbass deputy have his eyes shut while he was firing his weapon?

    I will say it again, it is well past time to start disarming cops.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    They used the “Spray & Pray” policy. Looks like God wasn’t tuned in that day.

  4. CW says:

    Thank God they were that bad at marksmanship for the poor innocent woman they were “aiming” for. She’s incredibly lucky to be alive and uninjured.

  5. Unclezip says:

    More dumbass cops pulling the trigger because of “feelings”.

  6. DanB says:

    I pray that if anyone ever starts shooting at me they are this accurate.

  7. soapweed says:

    And that, my friends, is less than 12 miles from my little spot in paradise. Sigh……

  8. John Deaux says:

    Man I thought I had dumbass cops, wel I do but not this dumbass . Seems they were the aggressors so it should be justified in accurately returning fire without charges being filled against you
    Being this stupid should hurt

  9. vorkosigan says:

    however inaccurate the fire, please note that this is a failed case of suicide by cop. She called he police(this will have been recorded) stated that she was armed with a machete and an AK, and stated that she wanted to kill police. Officers responding were understandably cautious, if sorely in need of marksmanship training. The woman is hardly innocent, and indeed very lucky to be alive.

  10. Bud says:

    Amen DanB! if anyone, po po or gangstas shooting ‘gangsta-style’, ever open up on me, i hope to be this lucky!

  11. WoodBurner says:

    Money Quote… “A legal review of what happened concluded officers were justified in their actions since they believed Johnson had a gun and intended to kill or hurt them.”

    Still Believe.

    • Bacon says:

      Indeed. There is no possible justification for shooting based on a “belief” or an “intention”, only on an action.

  12. Jimmy the Saint says:

    Top. Men.

  13. ed357 says:

    That was so wrong……

    She’s sitting in her car……

    She had made threats but no overt action….

    and they lit her up for no good reason.

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