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5 Responses to Arkies…..

  1. Unclezip says:

    I’m so tempted to dial that number. First, I’ll need some helium…

  2. orlin sellers says:

    Advertising is Key to a marketing plan.

  3. ExpatN says:

    Phone# comes back to: ‘Handyman Services’ 107 W 3rd St Green Forest Arkansas 72638.

    Q1. Is HE ‘Handyman’?
    Q2. Was he paid by ‘Handyman’ to wear that hoodie? If so, Orlin is right; after all, most calls to a business like this would probably be from women.
    Q3. Wash day, and nothing else to wear?
    Q4. Did he steal that hoodie from ‘Handyman’?
    Q5. Is he trying to get ‘Handyman’ accused of “Me-Too” sexual harassment?

  4. Heathen says:

    At least he’s not in Wal*Mart.

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