Baltimore, we have faith in ye

With two fatal shootings Tuesday night, the recent reclassification of a decades-old shooting as a killing and another homicide Wednesday evening, Baltimore has hit 343 homicides in 2017, and a new record for killings per capita.

The homicide rate for 2017 is now 55.8 killings per 100,000 people. The previous record was 55.35 per 100,000 in 2015. The city suffered 344 homicides that year, but had thousands more residents.


And you’ve still got tonight to break the overall record as well as the per capita, New year’s Eve only coming in second to the 4th of July for the night to take care of business with all the fireworks to disguise your gunfire.
Can you do it? Yes, you can.

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5 Responses to Baltimore, we have faith in ye

  1. Rob says:

    When you have to bring the statisticians in you’re reaching. Then again in 15-16-17 they did murder more than a thousand people….

  2. Cornholio says:

    As long as the right ones get shot, who gives a shit.

  3. sk6actual says:

    Yes, Virginia, they do eat their own … bon appetite and be done with it.

  4. lineman says:

    Everyone likes a winner “You Can Doo It” “Git-R-Done”

  5. Don in Oregon says:

    But it’s gotta be before midnight!

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