Buck the trend, Stud

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) says he will do his part in honoring 32-year-old Kate Steinle — whose illegal alien killer was acquitted of her murder — by blocking “every form” of amnesty that the GOP-led Congress attempts to push.
After five-time deportee and seven-time felon illegal alien Jose Garcia Zarate, also known as Juan Francisco López-Sánchez, was not convicted of the murder of Steinle — despite previously admitting to shooting and killing the woman while she was walking on a pier with her father — King called the decision “Sickening!”

“The illegal alien who, no one disagrees, killed Kate Steinle is found NOT guilty in sanctuary city, San Francisco. Sickening!” King wrote.

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5 Responses to Buck the trend, Stud

  1. Doug says:

    does this suggest it’s open season on the citizens of this berg? No one objects, so……

  2. Alex Lund says:

    Did anybody read the book “Caliphate”?
    There in Chapter 9 an US President is in similiar situation.
    And he solves it.
    By Presidential Pardon.
    When the killer is killed by a relative of the victim before 24 hours have passed the relative is pardoned. And the US President makes it clear (and later acts) that every act like this will be pardoned too.
    So, why does President Trump not do the same thing?
    What if he appears on live TV with an already signed Presidential Pardon for the killer of … (no, I will not mention his Name and I dont want to know his name) and shows a similiar stack of Presidential Pardons for similiar cases.
    Should bring crime down.

    • POd American says:

      The method you just described is currently working quite nicely in the Philippines.

    • John Deaux says:

      Years ago we had a father shoot his son’s kidnapper in the airport live on tv.
      The pervert was being returned to the state on extradition when he was shot and killed at close range by the father with a snub-nosed 38.. He had turned from the water cooler into the prisoner and pulled the trigger several times then surrendered. There was talk about charging the father but nothing became of it
      Eye for an eye works for me.

  3. Cavguy says:

    You know, I’m afraid that if i say what is on my mind will be used against me years down the road. I’ll beat around the bush some. Those involved in this decision need to have a new occupation. This is just un-America, the saga of this illegal.

    Hey Mr. Trump, build the fucking wall and get Mexico to pay for it!
    Stop the flow of illegals and kick the fuckers out of my country. I did not pull 32 years in the CAV just to hand the country over to these sons a bitches.

    Some bush hugh?


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