Couldn’t find a vein anywhere else?

A woman described her horror after seeing a naked man injecting ‘drugs’ into his testicles outside the toilets of a city centre branch of McDonald’s.

Merseyside Police confirmed they were called to the Lord Street branch of the fast food restaurant at around 8:30am on July 8, 2017 to reports a man had exposed himself to a woman.

An eyewitness, who told the ECHO about her ordeal but did not want to be named, described how the naked man lifted up his genitals and injected himself with a ‘drugs’ needle in his scrotum.

She also claims the man was making “strange” noises throughout the incident. The man was then locked in the toilets by a member of McDonald’s staff who then called police.


She also claims the man was making “strange” noises

Yeah, I bet he was – probably sounded a lot like “Owfuckfuckfuck, shitthathurts, owfuckfuckfuck, MOTHERFUCKER, owowow…”

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7 Responses to Couldn’t find a vein anywhere else?

  1. whynot says:

    In the 80s, a valid vein for trauma was the dorsal vein of the penis……the druggies hadn’t found that one yet…..

  2. Tom W. says:

    I’ve had a long ago history in a galaxy far far away, with drug addiction. I quit 22 years ago. Biggest slap of reality I ever had, and been clean ever since.

    I can say the thought of what the dude was injecting and where, just makes me shake my head in disbelief.

    Good typing on the sound effects.

  3. Padawan says:

    In a passage from his book The Heroin Diaries, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx describes multiple attempts to use a broken syringe to inject heroin into his penis.

  4. DW says:

    The article and the comments make my junk hurt. This is worse than some of those nasty bitches pics you post on here. I cannot fathom doing the kind of shit to myself.

    I don’t want to even know what the dorsal vein in my penis is. I’m going to have a drink and sit in some ice.

  5. Jimmy the Saint says:

    Say what you will about his life choices, you have to admire his dedication.

  6. Mike_C says:

    A friend of mine used to see shit like this on the tram in Zurich in the mid 1990’s, guys injecting themselves in the penis on public transportation, in the middle of the afternoon.

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