Five Colorado deputies shot, one fatally

Five deputies were shot, one fatally, after they responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on Sunday morning in a suburb of Denver, officials said.

The gunman was shot by deputies and was “believed to be deceased,” the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook. Two civilians were also shot by the suspect, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The office had reported “multiple deputies down” after the shooting, which happened in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, about 15 miles south of Denver.

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5 Responses to Five Colorado deputies shot, one fatally

  1. Stretch says:

    I see Teh 0ne’s rhetoric is still bearing fruit.

  2. MR says:

    Hard to feel sorry for them after all the innocent lives taken at the hands of scared sadistic murdering thugs with badges.

  3. Andrew says:

    Domestic Disputes are the most dangerous calls for law officers. There are no good guy/bad guy situations, and the ‘victim’ is just as much a threat as the ‘attacker.’

    And, MR at 19:07, don’t lump all LEOs into one pot. They have fuckups and bad departments and other shithead all throughout. But there are a lot that are really good guys and gals out there in civil uniform. And good departments.

    Just look at what the citizens of Baltimore have discovered. That when they tell the police to back off, then the bad guys come in and fuck everything up. The cops really are a thin wall between the really bad world and the clueless people. We just don’t need bad cops, minority hiring cops, diversity cops. We need good cops and selfless cops and ones that actually follow the law.

    • Mike says:

      enough of this shit. good cops need to stand up and be adults about their POS brothers.
      And run them out of the service and shun them thereafter.
      After we watch another innocent shot for no reason after we are told that a cops life is worth more than a kids life. When we can go to jail for over thirty years if we kill a police dog. Yet when a cop shoots your family pet you will not be compensated and he will not even get a day off for the offense, if you or yours is negligently struck by a bullet from a cop no charges will be filed. when our troops have more restrictive ROE than cops in CONUS Fuck you and the pig you are blowing.
      Might be high time we civilians treat cops like they treat us, shun them, refuse to do business with them or their kin treat them like the lepers they are. and if they harm you or yours then shoot shovel and shut up.
      And for your info I have served USCG and 3172nd infantry mtn, and currently AEMT, FF
      and I have poor interaction with cops more often than I like.
      I need a cop on most scenes like I need a hole in the head.

  4. Anonm says:

    A good start

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