German hookers are getting uglier and uglier

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9 Responses to German hookers are getting uglier and uglier

  1. Tsquared says:

    Kenny, you know better. You always go to at least the 3rd floor before you start looking. Those on the street are below the ones on the first floor.

  2. GI-had joe says:

    Allah fucking be damned! What could have possibly gone wrong in this dudes life to lead to this as a solution?

  3. GI-had Joe says:

    Maybe it’s the final solution to being a white German?

  4. Jimmy the Saint says:

    He’s just modeling Ernst Roehm’s undress uniform.

  5. Steenkinggreengo says:

    He lost a bet?

  6. NewVegasBadger says:

    Were you drunk when you posted this?

  7. truthzzzz says:

    One of Merkel’s pride

  8. Sanders says:

    That’s what happens when a society teaches their boys to squat to piss….

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