How to Fight Terrorism the Russian Way

Some are aware of the terrorist bombing in a St. Petersburg, Russia shopping center December 27. The subsequent comment by Russian president Vladimir Putin, that terrorists should be “liquidated on the spot” if they pose “an immediate danger to others,” underscores the different attitude with which Russians pursue their “war on terror,” at least until Donald Trump took office. Trump has followed through with his promise to “bomb the [s—] out of ISIS,” leaving ISIS with only 2 percent of the territory it once held in its so-called “caliphate,” and its fighters left in Syria and Iraq number now only about 1,000. Trump effected this set of circumstances by changing “rules of engagement,” saving American lives and costing more enemy lives. While American forces can now engage the enemy with greater latitude, not having to wait for approval from Washington bureaucrats, the United States can still learn from the ruthless ways in which Russia conducts war.
-John Deaux

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4 Responses to How to Fight Terrorism the Russian Way

  1. crazyeighter says:

    Pootie don’t pah-lay.

    As contrasted by that fucking idiot Trudeau in Canada and That Place Where Great Britain Used To Be.

    • Rebar says:

      Trudeau allegedly worked 2nd shift at Hershey’s in shipping. He has an affection for young Muslim men and all they want is to throw him off a building. (After sodomizing him no doubt)

  2. Rebar says:

    Good that we are rid of that skinny president. No doubt the Brits would love to liquidate Sadiq Khan. Anybody reading up on Huma Weiner compromising the US to her Muslim Brotherhood family members?

  3. Djamer says:

    We are awful low on bombs now though, and it cost many millions to drop all the ones we did to save who exactly? Maybe a few arab catholics? And they didn’t get killed, they scurried like cocArrroaches back to their homelands to spread their in-satan-ity to us. . . While WE let them walk right out untouched or A-10’d to death. . . Dammit!

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