It’s okay to be White

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5 Responses to It’s okay to be White

  1. Oy vey ole’ says:

    It took a few seconds, then Wham!

  2. John Deaux says:

    White is right
    all day and every night

  3. Guy gets a text from his neighbor, “I’ve felt so guilty that I have to confess. While you are at work I’ve been using your wife and I just wanted you to know that it won’t happen again!”.

    The man was so angry that he went into the hall and got his gun out of the closet, then went into the bedroom and shot his wife.

    His phone dings again with another text message from his neighbor, “Damn spell-check! I said WiFi not wife”.

  4. Gator says:

    Funny, I figured he meant he was drinking a white russian a la he Big Lebowski.

  5. Tom in NC says:

    Reminds me of the NC State basketball player, Charles Shackelford, who said it didn’t matter which hand he shot with since he was ‘amphibious’.

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