Molotov cocktail thrown inside Brooklyn market

Customers at a Brooklyn supermarket Friday feared for their lives after a masked man hurled a Molotov cocktail inside, a witness said.
“Everyone was scared. People were screaming. There was fire and smoke everywhere,” a worker at Tashkent Supermarket told The Post.

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5 Responses to Molotov cocktail thrown inside Brooklyn market

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    “Brighton Beach” says it all. They missed a payment or two of “protection money” to the local Russian gang who’s territory the store is located in.

  2. John Deaux says:

    Russian mob or Muslim wannabe terrorist hit

  3. Time for “common sense” Molotov Cocktail Control!

  4. Djamer says:

    Lookout! Libturds on fire!

  5. Bacon says:

    If people would stop screaming, they would be able to evacuate the store and/or put out the fire a lot faster. They would also inhale less smoke.

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