New Year’s posting schedule…

…should be unchanged. As I’ve said before, I do all my picture posts the day before so I don’t see any disruptions. I doubt I’ll be drinking anything New Year’s Eve so things should be normal.

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10 Responses to New Year’s posting schedule…

  1. bill says:

    You don’t want us sharing your posts anymore ?

    • Wirecutter says:

      Feel free to download and share my picture posts but the “Share” buttons were apparently encouraging people to post my written stories as their own on other sites before I could get them down in a book.

  2. Elmo says:

    Hey. If we wanted normal we’d go somewhere else.

  3. George says:

    Not drinking? Bummer………..

    • Wirecutter says:

      I haven’t drank on New Year’s in quite a few years now.
      Matter of fact, I haven’t had much at all to drink lately.

      • John Deaux says:

        I have a jar of Eastern Tennessee’s finest, in my opinion, clear corn liquor that I plan to twist open at about 11 pm New Year’s Eve.
        Last year I had pretty much the same and opened it at 9, the ol lady never made it to midnight, she’s a trooper but a lightweight when it comes to hard liquor.
        1st couple swallows are for you and yours, the rest are all mine. Lol

  4. Oh! luis! says:

    Well, hopefully there will be some New Year’s titties posting considering that the Christmas postings only had some long hair guy peeing and Willie Nelson all red eye’d and chit……………

  5. Cederq says:

    Normal is only setting on a dryer, we don’t know what “normal is otherwise…

  6. PawPaw says:

    We live for the picture posts, especially those big-titted gals. The purty ones, not that Wal-Mart trash.

    Happy New Years, Wirecuter. I think that the lady and I are going to slip off and have some fun.

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