Of course he wasn’t injured, dumbass

VENTURA (CBSLA) — The dangers of getting too close to a burning home were evident this morning during a CBS2 report by Kara Finnstrom.

Finnstrom reported that CBS2 photographer Nathan Furniss was hit in the chest by popping ammunition flying out of a burning home as he approached the structure. Furniss was not injured.

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7 Responses to Of course he wasn’t injured, dumbass

  1. Brother Mark says:

    I only know that when as kids we ended up with a “liberated” box of 30.06, worked the bullets out in the slats of the wood stairs, laid them on their side on the pavement and lit the powder. While the powder was burning off the primer would ignite and cause both the casing and the primer to separate and take off in different directions at a pretty good clip.

    Don’t try this at home kids. Always do shit like this at a friends house like I did. Also have visible scars on two fingers for holding a huge nail in the open end of the primer on the pavement while my buddy hammered the nail with a big rock. Pulled the brass chunks out myself! The shit most kids do today doesn’t even make me blink. Just dumb kids doing dumb shit.

    • Kevin says:

      That’s cool. All we did as kids was throw .22’s into the campfire and watch them pop. Then pick the bullets out in the morning.

  2. Trib says:

    Expect some politician to want a law that has a homeowner to post on their front door the ammo and location inside the house.

  3. Oldav8r says:

    SInce is CA I’m expecting the homeowner to be cited for assault in absentia or something

  4. Unforgiven says:

    There’s an extensive youtube video testing every conceivable way ammunition can be set off outside of a chamber to support it and in no situation is it lethal.

  5. Putz says:

    The little snowflake got hit by a piece of brass…big deal. They write the article like his life was in danger. Biggest danger is maybe a scratched cornea or a slight burn from the hot brass. Unless the ammo is sitting in the chamber of the gun when it cooks off, it is no real threat.

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