Remington is trying hard

Quick…when you think of a pump shotgun, what’s the first one that comes to mind? It’s probably the venerable Remington 870. And for good reason. There aren’t many more versatile, affordable pump guns sold…perfect for use in roles from home defense to hunting to breaking clays to SHTF scenarios (read our review here). Now Big Green has taken the classic 870 design and given it a capacity upgrade.

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21 Responses to Remington is trying hard

  1. John Deaux says:

    Actually I think of my Mossberg model 500 but
    your mileage may vary

    • Sanders says:

      I think of my Ithaca Model 37.

    • Leigh says:

      I was thinking the same thing, John. Although I do like my 835 UltiMag a whole lot. If I were to get an auto, it would be a toss up between the Mossberg 930 and a Benelli M4.
      My father has an 1100, that has been a POS right out off the box – even been back to the factory twice. They did replace the stock for free though. In thirty years, I don’t think it has had two full boxes of shells through it. He really is disappointed he bought it.

      Whitehall, NY

  2. Ben C says:

    Have they decided to add fit and finish QC, and stop shipping garbage that doesn’t work from the factory? Might sell more guns if the US ones were actually better quality than the Chinese H&R clones.

  3. Jared says:

    I want one!

  4. Rooster says:

    Well that’s probably a couple million more they will sell. I know well I gotta have one.

  5. Winston Smith says:

    WTF on mag capacity?!?!?!????? You get more than that with a Choate tube.
    Are they going to toss the huge aftermarket hi cap mag market to other companies? What financial genius is running that shitshow anyway?

  6. czechsix says:

    I’ll stick with my old tube fed wingmaster, thank you very much. My view is that shotguns should be kept as light and slick as possible.

    • Wirecutter says:

      My Wingmaster is probably one of the most balanced shotguns I’ve ever fired in my life. I couldn’t imagine hanging a fucking magazine off of it.

  7. Sanders says:

    With all the bad luck my niece’s husband has had with his brand new 870 (including 2 trips back to the factory), I’ll wouldn’t be the first to jump on this offering.

  8. Robert Fowler says:

    Ithica 37. Best shotguns ever made.

  9. NewVegasBadger says:

    Here is a novel concept: How about making a QUALITY product, consistently that people will want to buy. If people need to buy after market items to improve or fix perceived flaws in your product that ought to be a clue that you’re doing some thing wrong.

  10. Jimmy the Saint says:

    Love my Wingmaster, but if I’m thinking pump shotguns, the Mossberg model 500 is what comes to mind first.

  11. sk6actual says:

    Well I shed a small tear for the aesthetics – mine was the classic, plain, modified, dated from 1968 as a wife’s Christmas present to me… eventually I fitted an adjustable Pachmyer pad and had bought the Improved and 30″ Full both with vent rib barrels. Many a Texas pond on the Central flyway greeted me on a dark chilly morning.

  12. Tsquared says:

    When I think shotguns a mental image of my Stevens double barrel comes to mind.

    I do have a 60’s Wingmaster that had a shot out barrel and a cracked stock that I inherited. I made a home defense gun out of it by swapped out the stock for a birdshead grip and cut the barrel down to 18.5″ to meet the 26″ minimum length requirement. I also added an extended tube and spring on the magazine tube to increase the capacity. I use the Fiocchi reduced recoil 00 buckshot as it is a little shorter shell. I can get 7 shells in the mag tube.

  13. JeremyR says:

    When I think of a pump shotgun, I invariably think of my Mossberg 500.
    The idea of a mag fed scatter gun is long overdue. They should have been offered in the 70s.

  14. M. Sage says:

    A detachable magazine on an 870! Never been done bef… oh, wait. It’s been done for years.

    Honestly, the day of the pump shotgun is behind us. Newer autoloaders are just as reliable and easier to use.

  15. GI-had Joe says:

    Model 12 is my first thought.

    • Heathen says:

      Model 1897, Grandad’s shotgun. Manufactured 1931,passed down from Dad to me.

    • sk6actual says:

      Yes! Another classic – late 60s I bought a 12ga (5 digit serial) from my gunsmith and within a short period he located a 20ga which I bought for the wife- her very first firearm.

  16. Thomas Doan says:

    Years ago I fixed the mag feeding problems on my Sagia 12 for competition use and ended up having Kalashnikov sponsor me for my idea. All my competitors were using 6 foot long bloop tubes on their pumps and complained and the next year IPSC banned mag fed shotguns. Me, sponsored by Kalashnikov? Now thats funny.

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