Special Warfare school criticized

The Army’s Special Warfare Center and School has launched an investigation into an eviscerating email that accused its leaders of ‘moral cowardice’, ‘nepotism’ and ‘malfeasance’ for lowering training standards and allowing undeserving soldiers to join elite Green Beret teams.
The painstakingly written anonymous message was sent earlier this week to a wide swath of the Army’s Special Forces community. It was first reported by the Special Forces’ online forum SOFREP.
The nearly 6,300-word manifesto opens with the words, ‘Our Regiment has a cancer, and it is destroying the SF legacy, its capability, and its credibility.’

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2 Responses to Special Warfare school criticized

  1. John Deaux says:

    I would hate to think that this is true but it happened in everything else in this country. From West Point to boardrooms this push for equality at any cost has taken over.
    If you can do the job then you should be given a chance to do it but if you can’t hack it then you’re gone. Done , tough shit if you disagree.

  2. ChuckN says:

    This is not the first letter like this, only the most recent. This one is only making
    waves because some focus is on the physicality. The military as a whole has
    been driving out the truly intelligent and independent thinkers for decades.

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