The latest on the Bundy trial

The recent mistrial in the case of US v CLIVEN D. BUNDY et al. Sets some issues on the table for Judge Gloria Navarro that she has avoided thus far.

The mistrial came on December 20th, weeks into the case that was the third try for the government. Prosecutors, including Acting US Attorney Steven Myhre, AUSA Daniel Scheiss, AUSAA Nadia Ahmed, and AUSA Erin Creegan, have had extraordinary difficulty in getting juries to convict any of the 19 defendants.

And this commentary from Elmo:

“Still, we must ask the next questions: Was Navarro complicit? Were they taking their orders from a higher entity, possibly from Washington DC?”

She knows exactly what to do without being given orders. That’s the way the Deep State works, and that’s why Harry Reid recruited her for the job in the first place.
Gloria Navarro hates us as much as the commenters at OregonLive do, and that’s a lot.

Meanwhile, LaVoy is still dead and the Hammonds are still in Terminal Island.

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