The One That Got Away

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5 Responses to The One That Got Away

  1. veeshir says:

    The first fish-based #metoo.

    No Means No!

  2. WoodBurner says:

    Lost a 7-8lb walley once put’n it on the stringer…….once.

  3. Padawan says:

    As seen above the entrance to Bass Pro Shop: Welcome fishermen, hunters and other liars. XD

  4. Klaus says:

    Lost a close to a 4ft northern pike after 20 min. fight and getting it in the boat only to have it jump out to freedom. Actually I didnt feel that bad, he was a badass worthy of another shot.

    • Brother Mark says:

      Kinzua Dam, PA, 2015. Fought a 4’+ northern for about 20 minutes before he decided to torpedo the 14′ aluminum boat. It sounded like someone had hit the boat with a wood baseball bat and the lure shot out and into the air. My brother says, “What fish?” I’ve landed a 42″ since then and lost a half dozen we never got to see.

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