The Pilgrim

-Kenny the Scot

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6 Responses to The Pilgrim

  1. flapsto5 says:

    Great version of that song. A renaissance man is Mr. Kristopherson. Helicopter pilot, Rhodes scholar, and songwriter who can depict the depths of depravity a man can fall to, and explain why he’s still worthy of love and forgiveness in the same song.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Yup, the best of the slow, soulful & easy 1970’s music genre. I had a favorite little haunt I use to visit to listen and chill to this music on Saturday nights way back in the day. A few hours there was better than a Quaalude fix.

  3. John Deaux says:

    Love Isbell’s music, especially the Drive by Truckers days, but his leftist politics that comes out of his mouth to speak ruins it for me

  4. Kenny the Scot says:

    I saw Kris singing that song at the Music Hall in Aberdeen, with my uncle. A few years ago now.

  5. Kenny the Scot says:

  6. Kenny the Scot says:

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