They’re just pissed because it wasn’t a RACcoon

From the Black website The Root:

This man was basically Jesus saving the bunny from eternal damnation. And when you see a video of Jesus snatching a bunny from the devil’s grasp, the least you could do is share it on your timeline with a hearts emoji.

It’s also maybe the whitest thing I’ve ever seen. And these eyes have seen the pinnacles of whiteness, including a pretzel-and-pepperoni casserole at a holiday potluck when I was a teacher and the peak Appalachian tailgates outside of Heinz Field whenever Kenny Chesney is in town. But not only is it the whitest thing I’ve ever seen this week—it manages to synopsize everything problematic about white people on both a macro and micro level in 30 seconds. This clip does such a great job of articulating whiteness that it should win a MacArthur “genius” grant.

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26 Responses to They’re just pissed because it wasn’t a RACcoon

  1. Gregbee says:

    Read the comment section in this article. Oh, duct tape your head first

    • Kim says:

      I can’t… I just can’t

      • Andy says:

        You should. Very telling. I’m not gonna paint it with a broad brush, but not a single dissenting comment about the theory.

    • rayvet says:

      Those are some of the least intelligent comments I’ve ever come across on the internet. And the one common denominator of all of them is that the people are all of the same color. Now what does that tell you about that segment of our population?

  2. NewVegasBadger says:

    one word reply to this racist: CHICAGO. Enough said. I do love the sound some people make when they stfu.

  3. DrNegativity says:

    Niggas gotta nig.

  4. snuffy says:

    Maybe if black people cared about the lives of other black people other than when thugs get shot by the police, the rest of the civilized world might follow suit. Yeah, not gonna hold my breath for that.

  5. Exile1981 says:

    I’ve said it before and i’ll repeat myself.

    Picking up a stray bunny will at most fet you worms and some scratches.

    Picking up a stray brother will get you dead. He’ll put a bullet in you after torturing your ass,, murdering your family, raping your wife. If your real lucky he just steals your car and leaves you to burn.

  6. C.R. says:

    Homey Just cant understand why whitey would waste his time saving a rabbit when he could be lootin and stealin …

  7. Larry Thomson says:

    Jesus H. Fucking Christ! Is this world fucked up or what!?

  8. Walpurgis says:

    So compassion is to be reviled then? Guess I can stop all charitable donations and stop paying taxes to the welfare system now?

  9. Nick Tepfer says:

    Show me just ONE country, state, city or neighborhood were africans moved in and improved it. Just one?

  10. paul says:

    I want to know more about “pretzel-and-pepperoni casserole”. As for “I still don’t even understand why my toaster heats Pop-Tarts up quicker than Eggos” I can explain but I doubt you would understand.

    “And I also know that this is a byproduct of manifest destiny” is just…. ok, without evil white men, where would this guy be? In a mud hut in Africa and NOT appropriating my evil white culture.

  11. Pigg says:

    Well worth the watch IMHO and this phenomenon is understood afterwards.

    Explained in Frank Raymond – The Caucasian Mind: Transcending Biological Needs

  12. Mike_C says:

    Perhaps Damon Young is a VSB (Very Smart Brotha) as the name of the site implies. The Progressive and black-activist emphasis on racial/identitarian politics is doing more to bolster white identitarian politics than an infinite number of assholes in duncecaps and white bedsheets banging away on an infinite number of typewriters could ever have done.

    So with that background, I dunno if his second-to-last paragraph would have been correct 20, even 10 years ago. But I’m increasingly convinced that it’s becoming more and more correct. Which is not a good thing. But if it ever goes kinetic on a large scale, Progs and black race-baiters will be the ones responsible. They will also be dead, which is no loss in and of itself, but plenty of perfectly decent people will be hurt and killed in the process.

  13. Mals says:

    I read the comments – depressing. What happened to the Dr. King types? Where did they go? The Root is filled with antiwhite diatribes that won’t gain them any friends – or anything at all, for that matter. I wonder how the American Negro College Fund is doing these days.

  14. California southpaw says:

    There’s got to be a “Yakety Sax” loop of this out there somewhere!

  15. Djamer says:

    I reply to him that the rabbit was still worth saving a 100 times more than his racist black ass, but then googlecia wanted to text me. . .

  16. Sarthurk says:


    Pull yer heads out.

  17. MauserMedic says:

    The only group I’ve encountered that treats animals worse than blacks are Muslims. Ask my third dog.

  18. Bacon says:

    1. One of the amazing mysteries of the universe is that someone can be intelligent enough to write that well and yet still be stupid enough to say such things.

    2. Pretzel and pepperoni casserole is an inexpensive way to prepare a traditional Bavarian dish.

    3. Pop tarts are thin and dense, the icing and filling are efficient heat conductors. Eggos are frozen and spongy, air is an insulator and thus an inefficient heat conductor.

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