Want to help a member of the military get home for Christmas?

SIXTEEN years ago I asked some of you folks for help with an idea I had. My idea was to gather up a few dollars and buy some plane tickets to allow some deserving young soldiers the opportunity to spend Christmas with their families. To say that I underestimated the response I would get, would indeed be an understatement itself. Rising to the challenge in grand fashion, you folks dug through your couch cushions and sent in over $14,000 dollars in just a few short days. Indeed, your generosity cemented the fact that our annual ticket drive would not be a one time shot, but an annual tradition. And hence the phrase, “Let’s Bring Em Home” was coined.

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4 Responses to Want to help a member of the military get home for Christmas?

  1. Steve in ky says:

    I kicked in some. I rode a greyhound from Groton CT sub base to Alton IL for Christmas one year. It was a nightmare. I got to spend a day and a half at home the rest of the time was spent on the bus.

  2. Rat Basstard says:

    I kicked in $500.

    I had to give a kid (an E-4) a ride home from Rotten Groton to Oklahoma City after graduating from “C” School.

    In The Winter…

    In A Jeep…

    With A Soft Top…

    And Pulling A Trailer.

    The trip wasn’t to bad for me as I grew up in eastern Oregon and I can drive in the snow. Stayed a couple of nights in different hotels while making back to Oklahoma in January 1990.

    He didn’t have to pay for anything. Just being a Chief.

    Rat Bastard, ETC(SS) (RET)

  3. Jason in KT says:

    Not as much as the Chief, but I put in some.

  4. UH1H CE says:

    I’m in for a C

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