A memorial for ol’ Sparky the RACcoon

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Poor Sparky. He never had a chance, but he went out with a bang and his memory continues to burn bright.

Earlier this month, the unlucky raccoon, perhaps looking for love in all the wrong places, nuzzled up to a transformer inside a Public Service Company of New Mexico substation. The little guy was immediately electrocuted, and the transformer exploded and burned, causing a midweek power outage that lasted 2½ hours and affected 9,300 PNM customers in Rio Rancho.

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2 Responses to A memorial for ol’ Sparky the RACcoon

  1. Westcoaster says:

    Back in my Radio daze, I worked for an FM station with a transmitter up a mud fire road about 2,500 ft elevation. The main transmitter had melted down when one of the 3 legs dropped and engaged the gennie; unfortunately the transfer box malfunctioned thus the meltdown. This left us with a smaller backup transmitter that had been cannabalized by the previous engineer who took “parts for payment”.
    Long and the short of it was, the transmitter was missing panels and rats loved to crawl inside and get zapped. Of course this would blow the fuses, resulting in a 3 AM call from the studio to inform me we were, once again, off the air. So I would drive up the fire road as far as I could (depending on weather), replace the fuses, power everything back up, and if I was lucky, get a couple hours sleep.
    Fucking rats!

  2. Greg says:

    I have a squirrel we nicknamed “Flash the Frying Squirrel” that bit into the power line behind the house a month and a half ago. Bugger is still hanging in there.

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