Ask a cop

We asked several police officers nationwide how to handle interactions with law enforcement. These were their responses:

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10 Responses to Ask a cop

  1. Elmo says:

    That was nice of a commenter to add Jack Yantis to the list of reasons to not interact with cops.

  2. POd American says:

    Thanks for posting this website; it’s a great way to educate everyone to the real status of our militarized police state. I have two saying that I live by….never ever call a cop for any reason (call a fireman or ambulance, but never a cop), and never talk to a cop for any reason.

    • ExpatNJ says:

      Good luck with that!

      The ONLY way to call for Firemen (Fire Dept), Ambulance (EMS), Paramedics, etc in most places these days is to dial 911. You can’t call firehouses or squads directly; they either have no public lines, or private lines only for use of their members. Even if you knew the number and called directly, they’d tell you to dial 911 and then hang-up.

      And, 911 WILL dispatch a cop to your location – in addition to the necessary aid – whether you want one, or not. It’s allegedly to keep the other 1st-responders ‘safe’, and make an official report (only a ruse to justify their bloated personnel and equipment budgets, or search your home while you are incapacitated, etc).

      • POd American says:

        I don’t live in most places, and yes I can call them separately. Cops are not welcome on my property and will be told just that. Cops can follow the other emergency responders, but will be told to stand at the curb…they are not now or ever welcome on my property. Try using your god-given rights sometime, you’ll feel much better for the effort.

  3. soapweed says:

    Think of Mr Yantis every time I fix a perimeter fence problem near the road. I’m sure eventually we’ll end up with one of those 2 asshat cops working here… OR BOTH!!!

  4. Odgreen says:

    One of the best assesments of the corrupt, scumbag nature of the badged orcs (pigs). I loathe and despise each and every one. Imagine what it must be like for the pigs to have built up all those enemies (the public). Talk about needing to sleep with one eye open, wow!

  5. Funny thing, I grew up in the fifties (best time ever!) and most of the cops were WWII vets. I neither remember nor have read about any incidents like these. Maybe we should strip the amour vests from todays cops and reissue 6 shot revolvers.

  6. NewVegasBadger says:

    Never talk to the LEO’s without an attorney with you. The only thing you should say to a cop is: I want a lawyer with me before answer any questions AND I do NOT consent to any searches.

    Always remember, a LEO may legally lie, trick or deceive you. EVERYTHING you say can and will be used against you. In the mind of an LEO, you are the enemy and presumed to be guilty of violation (it is only a question of what). LEOs will plant false evidence on you.

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