Chicago institutes budget cuts

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4 Responses to Chicago institutes budget cuts

  1. al says:

    Ya we all know how very expensive it is to let children play on playground equipment. Why the budget over runs alone are staggering, we had no choice but to pay 6 guys to drive 6 trucks out to the park and spend nearly 8 hours to install two $500 padlocks to make certain that no children use this grossly over priced equipment! After all that equipment isn’t yet paid for, its on the books for $500,000 plus cost of 50 man crew for 3 months to install! Its a good thing you little people have such a fiscally conservative and wise city council to protect your interest!

  2. Ken M says:

    Yeah… my 1st ex wife wouldn’t let me swing either.

  3. California southpaw says:

    Reason bazillion and one as to why urban areas suck.

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