D.B. Cooper letter, newly released by FBI, offers startling coded clue that might reveal skyjacker

“Sirs, I knew from the start that I wouldn’t be caught,” the letter begins.

Postmarked Dec. 11, 1971, it was signed, “D.B. Cooper,” the name the press had given to the unknown criminal who, less than a month before the missive landed at several newspaper offices, had audaciously taken over Northwest Orient Flight 305 out of Portland. The skyjacker parachuted from the Boeing 727 with $200,000 in ransom — and disappeared. The mystery man quickly became a legend, the subject of folk songs, books and a hit Hollywood movie.

Now, more than 45 years after the crime, independent investigators believe they’ve caught D.B. Cooper. That is, they believe they’ve identified who he really is — thanks to that taunting letter.

If only they could get the FBI interested.

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7 Responses to D.B. Cooper letter, newly released by FBI, offers startling coded clue that might reveal skyjacker

  1. Ray says:

    A lot of people believe that “DB Cooper” was actually a Lexington KY Narco cop and Vietnam war SF trooper named Drew Thorton. Six weeks after “DB Cooper” pulled his highjacking “Drew” (who looked JUST LIKE “DB Cooper”) flew into bluegrass field in Lexington, then an isolated local airfield with an unmanned control tower, in an unregistered WW2 cargo bird loaded with several ton’s of “Thai stick” weed. They unloaded on the ramp and left the bird. (it sat there for decades) He continued to smuggle dope into Ky. until he was killed when his ‘chute failed to open , when he tried a low level jump with two duffle bags of coke over Nashville Tenn. This guy was a local legend, having a crew of Merc’s, Vietnam SF vets, Former “Air America” pilots , truck drivers and ground crews at the apex of his operation in the mid 1970’s. They all hung out in a local dive on the Kentucky river. He claimed to be CIA, and the local cops NEVER even tried to investigate his operation during the 70’s. In fact, even though “Drew” pulled the same stunt with unregistered prop cargo aircraft filled with dope several times. On every blacktop runway in Ky. He never got busted, nor did any of his crew. Every highschool kid who smoked dope herd and told the story’s. But he never got so much as a traffic ticket. After he died some Nancy Drew reporter, wrote a book about it, and claimed that it was all true.

  2. Free Citizen says:

    There were lots of us that could have done this. Many of us came back from the Vietnam War thoroughly disillusioned with not only the war, but with the country in general with all the lies and cover-ups going on with an out of control government. Look at the Feds now and this took place before Ruby Ridge and the Waco Massacre of the Branch Davidians. The FBI is worthless and inept.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    The FBI ain’t interested in a measly Sky-jacker because they’re too busy helping the Democrat rats torpedo President Trump.

  4. Rob says:

    In 1980 they found some of the still banded cash on a beach on the Colombia river by Vancouver…

  5. Ray says:

    BTW. “Drew Thorton was the guy who invented BASE jumping.

  6. SAM says:

    I found it odd that in Jul 2016 the FBI said they well no-longer look for D B Cooper. Yes it had been 45 years but they do not normally stop looking for around 60 years.

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