Damn, this brings back some memories

I never was really broke for any period of time but there were times I had a rough week or two. But the cut-off notices? My problem wasn’t being too broke to pay my bills, it was that I forgot to pay them. Shit, I’d forget to pick up my mail which was delivered to my house. I had to drive right past my mailbox to get in the gate.
I’m not fucking kidding. I was sitting in my house one day and all of a sudden the power goes off. I check the fuses, everything’s good. Stick a butter knife in the socket and survive, no fucking power.
So I call the power company all pissed off to report a power outage only to find out my house was the only one affected seeing as I was 3 months behind on my bills, and the last one had been returned to them unopened, so now I have to go down to the power company and pay in full plus a healthy deposit in cash.
Then I get to thinking that I hadn’t seen a bill in quite some time so I went and checked my mail and my fucking box was empty. I got on the phone and called the Riverbank Post Office wanting to know what the deal was and they told me that they had cut delivery to me over a month ago – it turns out that when a month’s mail accumulates in the box, they just assume a motherfucker has either died or moved without a forwarding address, so they just return the mail to the sender and cease delivery. Fucking slackers.
Hey, I put in an 80-90 hour work week at the ammo plant, 13 hours a day 6 days a week and 9 on Sundays. Give me a fucking break here, you can’t expect me to remember to pay my bills. Or pick up my mail. Shit, if my connection didn’t deliver I’d probably have forgotten to score.
I ended up calling in the next day to get my power cut back on, then dropped off checks at the other utilities, overpaying them by a month for a little extra cushion. It didn’t make any difference, 4 months later I was back in the same boat.
My telephone got cut off one time and I only found out about it when work tried to call me in. They got the No Longer In Service message so they sent a security guard to come tell me they needed me to come back to work and he was the one that told me it was disconnected. I have no clue when it was actually cut off, me not being any more of a phone person then I am now. It might have been disconnected for a month or more for all I knew – or cared. I never did get the motherfucker reconnected.
After my house got raided and I moved back into town I was sharing a house with my buddy Dave. He knew how I was so he’d just tell me what my half of the utilities were (minus cable – I ain’t paying for what I don’t use) and I’d just hand him the cash and that was the end of my disconnects.

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13 Responses to Damn, this brings back some memories

  1. crazyeighter says:

    Never had my utilities cut off; I was aware of every one of them because I sweated whether or not I could pay them. The worst was nineteen years ago, when I was unemployed, with a mortgage and two kids in college and $300 to my name. I wasn’t broke, but I could see broke from where I was.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I had the money so I wasn’t sweating it. Maybe I should have.
      I’m broker since I retired than I ever have been but now my bills get paid as soon as I get my check in. I think we’ve got a whopping 66 bucks in the bank to last the month but we’re paid up, we’ve got food in the house and gas in the tank so I’ve got no reason to complain.

  2. sawman says:

    I had a friend in northern Maine years ago who told me during a visit that he and his wife had a system for paying there bills. The put the names of all the companies they owed money to that month in a hat and pulled them out one at a time until the money they had to pay bills that month was gone. If a company called and asked why the bill had not been paid they simply told them they did not win the lottery that month.

    • Richard says:

      “If a company called and asked why the bill had not been paid they simply told them they did not win the lottery that month.”

      Should have told them, “be nice or next month you won’t even be in the hat”.

      • Judy says:

        I’ve told more than one bill collector that over the years. They seem shocked…not sure why!

      • sawman says:

        One of his other replies to companies that were a real pain in ass was he a firm system for sorting out his monthly bills. Bills in co0lumn A were bills he intended to pay immediately, bills in column B were bills that he intended to pay when he had the extra money and bills in column C were bills he never intended to pay. Your attitude just got you moved from column B to column C.

  3. The Real Chish says:

    Transportation VP informed me last October my DL was suspended for not paying the taxes on my Hog. Idiot tax office sent it to wrong address, I get penalized. Welcome to life. LMAO

  4. bradoplata says:

    When I started with the railroad, I’d have the same sort of issues. I’d be out of town for a week, home for six hours then back out of town. The mail would go weeks without getting collected and sometimes the power would get turned off, which sucked because I’d have to take time off from work to go downtown and pay it. Things got easier when I got married and my wife took care of the bills.

  5. Jimmybubba says:

    Ammo plant? Was it this one?

    • Wirecutter says:

      No, I worked at Riverbank Army Ammo plant in Riverbank CA located at the corner of Claus and Claribel. If you’ve got Google Earth installed you can see it. It shut down in the 90s and has been turned over to the city as a business park.

  6. pdwalker says:

    Can confirm the above. There was a period of about a year or so where I made a church mouse look fat and prosperous. There were many days I went without food.

    One saving grace was that I knew were all the best washrooms were where you could find the nicest toilet paper, so I never went without (thank you, Peninsula!)

    I never, ever, ever want to be poor again.

  7. Nemo says:

    The guy narrating the vid has THE MOST ANNOYING voice I’ve ever heard.

  8. BillyK says:

    Me and my room mate were so broke once he resorted to busting the sheet rock to the next apartment and hot tapped the lines. I was offshore at the time..he was pumping gas or some sh*t. He also would break into the meter and turn it upside down to make it run backwards.. He’d ease the clip down snip and replace so the meter reader didn’t see the tampering . Days when the meter had 4 connectors. When he graduated in Electrical Engineering those days were over. HE’s a rich mo-fo now.

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