Horror of horrors

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  1. Andrew says:

    Well, I felt the same way when Disney ruined one of their best animated movies in the spirit of SJW and Ecological nonsense.

    Look. Fairy tales are supposed to teach nifty things like morals. In this case, don’t break contracts, don’t make contracts with ‘those’ people, and actions have consequences. Fuck with witches and evil people, shit’s gonna happen. Deal with witches and evil people, shit’s gonna happen. Doesn’t matter if you’re a peasant or a prince, you’re fucked.

    That craptastic movie took away the wonderful message that existed for hundreds of years as folk people used ‘Sleeping Beauty’ to teach their kids manners. “See, young Hans, if the rich can get fucked up by the evil people, can you imagine how we’d fare if they fucked us up?”

    Disney really screwed themselves, and fairy tales and legends, starting about 6 months after old Walt went tits up.

    For the record, “Little Mermaid” is a quaint story about how you dare not try to change your social status by yourself. The bitch fish gets all trumped up and thinks she is all uppity and the rich prince, who she drowned in the first place before saving him because he was ‘cute,’ will fall in love with her and marry her. Nope, doesn’t happen. He goes something like, “Nice try, water wench, but I’m marrying the duchess from the next city over.” And so she gets all weepy and pines for him and dies. That’s right. DIES. So that nice sculpture in Denmark of ‘the little mermaid’ looking towards town is a constant reminder to all the wharf rats and gutter scum that they’ll be there for the rest of their miserable lives. Hahahahahaha, bitches. And, once again, she dies.

    Original Hansel and Gretel had them being cooked and eaten. Red riding hood being eaten. Peter and the Wolf, well Petey is the main course.

    Fucking grim as all hell. Love the old, old fairy tales. People getting screwed and dying all over the place. Fuck up? Die. Cheat? Die. Disrespect your parents? Die.

    Even that cuty, Cinderella? Original stories had her wishing to her ‘fairy godmother’ to have her father marry the rich, nice lady next door that gives Cindy sweet treats. Cindy gets her wish, father dies mysteriously, and, Et Voila! Thus the real story of Old Glass Foot.

    And nowhere in any of the old stories is Mother Nature your friend. That bitch, and all her folk, will fuck you up whenever she can. Starving, so you plant your last few seeds in the ground and somehow plants grow? Well, some magical fairy-fart critter will come and eat them up. Fuck you, peasant. Or, lost on the road, well, the plants will eat you. Or the guy with the manual chainsaw and a mask will stalk you and your friends to Death. Or the shark will eat you and your boat. Or the wolves will kill you. The new strange plants are poisonous. Anything over the horizon will Kill YOU so you better stay home.

    Other than that, the movie just sucks anyways. Go watch an Errol Flynn or John Wayne movie, slacker.

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