I bet more drugs than guns went through there

The Haskell Free Library, which straddles the U.S.-Canada border, is home to an array of novels, an opera house and — for a brief time — international gun smugglers.

The heritage building was built in 1904 and is the only library in the world to straddle a border, between the towns of Derby Line, Vt., and Stanstead, Que. There is a black line on the library floor marking the divide.


When I was in Germany I used to buy hash in Amsterdam, call a smuggler that my buddy Ralph turned me on to, meet him near the border, then pick up my package the next day about 50 kilometers into Germany.
I never got real personal with the man, but he was in his 70s or 80s and by outward appearances he was a farmer. I suspected that his farm straddled the border and I also figured he’d been doing that since WWII, smuggling shit past the Nazis.

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  1. Jimmy Torpedo says:

    I used to live there. I went to Howie Meeker Hockey School in Stanstead,…
    The surveyors came to Stanstead/Derby Line and encountered a pub on the East side.
    Got drunk for the day and left the pub and did your classic drunken, “theresh the border!” move and put it right down the main street.
    It was notorious for Soviets throwing briefcases across the road etc for years.
    A few years back a little old lady crossed the border with a cooked turkey for a Christmas celebration and was busted for moving poultry across the border.
    We had lots of funny times smoking hash and inadvertently crossing the border and quickly turning back.
    You drive down main street and see shithole Quebecois houses on one side and nice manicured lawns with American flags on the other.

  2. Sarthurk says:

    My Great Uncle lived in East Germany during the cold war. He smuggled people out, and smuggled things in, things like TV’s and radios. He regularly wrote letters to relatives in the west, and suddenly, they stopped. It was feared by my other elder family members, that he had been caught, and/or (jailed/killed/etc). It turns out that he had some sort of an extended illness that he recovered from, and began writing again.

    Why am I a Patriot? The story above, is just one strong reason.



  3. crazyeighter says:

    Last sentence in the article:

    The entrance of the library is watched 24 hours a day by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    Well, THAT explains a LOT.

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