I’d have to beat somebody’s ass

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  1. M. Sage says:

    Makes me want to go buy a coat.

  2. ignorant twat says:

    My wife started with a polyester fake fur, she tells people it’s Giant Rat of Sumatra. LOL! Since then she’s purchased vintage fur coats on ebay – fox, sheepskin, and others. I watch other peoples eyes looking at her, mostly women. Some with envy, some with fear, a few do complement her. I’d hate to have to bust somebody who attacked her.

  3. al says:

    She would have my knife sticking out of guts as I don’t know if its acid or water or what ever perhaps a contact poison but I would be fearing for my life and safety and wouldn’t want her to get away with battery/perhaps murder of me. Defend yourself the cops sure as hell can’t and WONT!

  4. John Deaux says:

    My opinion his 1st mistake was he wasted too much time talking to that bitch. 2nd was not stomping that bitch into a mud hole when she dumped that red shit on him.
    Fuck that whore she deserves to be in a great amount of pain for her stupidity

  5. gamegetterII says:

    The animal ” rights” whackos are freakin hypocrites- blood is an animal product/ byproduct- so the whackos are supporting killing animals for their blood.
    Animal ” rights” whackos are truly psycho- every one I ever dealt with was batshit crazy.

  6. Andrew says:

    Ask most farmers. Canadian Geese are flying rats. They are a pest species.

    But… this is Canada, where the government gave terrorists big bucks for being stupid enough to be captured, after killing our soldiers.

  7. mistralman says:

    I would punch that fucking bitch in the mouth

  8. =TW= says:

    Don’t tell these wankers.
    I have an African Leopard skin mounted on the wall in my house.
    Shot by a great uncle on safari sometime after WW I. It is over 8 feet long from snout to tip of its tail. Bullet apparently entered the chest and exited behind the ribcage.

  9. Unclezip says:

    I know from experience there’s no way I’ll stand there with my hands in my pockets while being attacked.

    I’ll be out back minding the smoker.

  10. James says:

    Apparently they haven’t seen the mess the flying carp make of parks, golf courses and what used to be my favorite fishing hole!

  11. Sunny says:

    Oh, some serious ass whooping would be taking place if that happened.
    Stupid people think cause they don’t like wearing fur gets to choose what someone else wears – yep, I’d stomp them!

  12. rwc74 says:

    Did that jackass seriously say he donated the fur from his jacket ‘to keep animals warm.’ Damn idiots.

  13. livintoride says:

  14. Mad Jack says:

    Demonstrate all you like. Yell, chant, scream, whatever. Boycott various companies, don’t wear any animal products, do whatever. I’m very even-tempered, but the instant that any idiot throws blood on me (or anything else), the fight’s on.

  15. pigpen51 says:

    My wife is fighting breast cancer, and I am having trouble with migraines again. I am getting real short tempered with these cunts. Try and even approach my wife and say one fucking word to her about what she is wearing. I hope you like to eat through a straw. I am retired and can afford to spend a few months in the clink. I would plead that I was defending my wife, since she is in ill health. Why don’t these assholes get themselves a life and leave everyone the fuck alone.

  16. Mike_C says:

    Couldn’t bear to watch the video, but are the protesting idiots upset only about the fur trim, or are they also pissy about the down? To my knowledge, no birds are killed for down alone, and top-notch stuff like eiderdown is harvested from nests after the birds are done with them.

    I’m sort of torn about the Canada Goose brand jackets though. On the one hand, good for people who wear what they want, on the other hand, have you priced those damn things? Around Christmas time I was looking at an Arc’teryx coat for my sweetie, and THREE of three (different models of) Canada Goose coats on the next rack over were more expensive than the Arc’teryx. And yes, Dead Bird (“Patera”) was down and Goretex. The CG coats started at $895. The shop girl explained that the price was because the fur ruff is “real coyote”. I work near several universities, and it seems every fourth kid (and every other Asian kid) is wearing Canadian Goose (and carrying a Fjällräven Kånken knapsack). Where the hell do 18-yos get the money?

  17. fjord says:

    it looks like a set up to me. yeah he might be THAT pussy that he stands there and takes it when she sticks her hand into her purse, which doesn’t look like blood anyway, but he’s conveniently wearing a very white jacket.

  18. Sabre22 says:

    And the thrower is still vertical and aware of her surroundings. But it is Canada after all. Try that out in a smaller city in the US and see what happens

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