Luis? You’re fucked, bro

Porn giant Mindgeek – owner of popular online fleshpots Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn and Brazzers – will now collect names, mobile phone number, addresses and dates and place of birth before users log in. You’ll have to create a username and password to use Pornhub from April onwards.

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20 Responses to Luis? You’re fucked, bro

  1. R says:

    This may only be for traffic originating from the UK since the article is in a British newspaper and mentions the British Board of Film Censorship.

  2. Unclezip says:

    *madly downloads everything on the planet*

  3. Frankie says:

    Somewhere there is a Sears catalog in my house…you guys are all so young!

  4. hoho!luis says:

    Naw I ain’t, been using a K Lane name and address from TN…

  5. Winston Smith says:

    I have yet to give out correct personal information to the internet and have done all kinds of commerce on it.
    Privacy Matters. And if you think it don’t, it will shortly.

  6. Ace Frehley says:

    What, you gonna shame me for surfing lesbian porn? Good luck with that..

  7. Padawan says:

    I only watch porn on Extremetube.

  8. Ed357 says:

    Are we talking about x videos……???

    I heard some of those x videos .com sites were free.

    I wonder.

  9. bikermailman says:

    Yeah, I heard about the UK doing this. But hey, if they are doing the same here, xhamster isn’t mentioned!

  10. Aesop says:

    Relax, porn hounds, that’s only the UK.

    Like anyone with even half a wit is going to use their real info anyhow.

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