Might as well get your money’s worth

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11 Responses to Might as well get your money’s worth

  1. donnie says:

    20 bucks for a weed-free onion patch? I might go for that. Does she know how to cook with em? That’s what I wanna know.

  2. ok! luis says:

    Fuk, I’m short $15 buks

  3. Djamer says:

    But, what exactly is she DOING? Killin the crops? I say just put her to work doing what she actually knows how to do.

  4. paulb says:

    She can hoe my garden anytime.

  5. Ace Frehley says:


  6. nwoldude says:

    I would hoe her garden gratis.

  7. Jeff says:

    When shes done at your place I gotta bunch of stalls that need to be mucked out.

  8. al says:

    I wouldn’t mind plowing her field plant a few seeds here an there.

  9. Geoff C. the Saltine says:

    I want to see what is in the out buildings. One looks like a doulbe hole out house ,the other one has a tile roof. Tree’s are painted white on the boles, must be northern California.
    Looks like she needs help with the shovel .

  10. Pointy End Out says:

    Now THATS a garden ho !

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