Neighbor charged with assault on Rand Paul

Rene Boucher, the 58-year-old Bowling Green man accused of attacking U.S. Sen. Rand Paul at his home in November, has been charged with assaulting a member of congress resulting in personal injury.


When I first saw that headline on Drudge I thought it said sexual assault and my first thought was “Wha… he got butt fucked too?”

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5 Responses to Neighbor charged with assault on Rand Paul

  1. StBernardnot says:

    “Assaulting a member of congress”. Sounds like they’re more special than the rest of us.

  2. Winston Smith says:

    Generally speaking, Paul is a good guy but I deplore that he gets special treatment in the “justice” system. Should be the same severe charges for the same crime for everyone, congresscritter or not..

  3. Jeffery in Alabama says:

    “One law for me and another for Thee!”

    It is just like shiny badges,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. DAN III says:

    Special laws for special people. Fuck all 535 members of CON-gress and the 9 black-robed bastards. They all deserve a short rope and a tall tree.

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