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Black Copper Marans: Complete Breed Guide

A hen that seems to be all the rage at the moment is the Black Copper Maran chicken. It’s a beautiful bird that lays very special, dark, chocolate colored eggs. Although it has not been around that long (1900 or … Continue reading

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Fuck that

A Chinese snow sweeper was captured in hair-raising footage doing a job for which most people are unlikely to volunteer – shoveling away snow on a shaky path 2,000 meters above the ground. 26-year-old Zhang Dongdong gained popularity among netizens … Continue reading

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A toddler took a cupcake…..

It was Oct. 21, 2017, and 3-year-old Kejuan Mason wasn’t breathing when police pulled up to a “roach-infested” home in southwest Atlanta. An emergency medical worker from Grady Memorial Hospital was attempting to perform CPR on the boy, to no … Continue reading

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Gutierrez shows where his loyalties lie

Luis Gutierrez, the illegal alien-loving congressman from Illinois, appeared to be triggered during President Trump’s soaring rhetoric during the State of the Union address and fled the House chamber. MORE/VIDEO

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Yet he trims his mustache…

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You wondered about the McCabe’s pension?

In the days before FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was forced out of his job, he threatened to “torch” the bureau if he was ousted before his full federal retirement benefits kicked in, according to a new report. “He was … Continue reading

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“See, kids? This is what cheaters get.”

CHICAGO (CBS) — A 38-year-old convicted felon has been charged with shooting his girlfriend 11 times over the weekend in Cicero, while six children were in the home. Police said Mario Scott was playing dominos and drinking with his 33-year-old … Continue reading

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Fucking brilliant

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Florida, baby…..

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Woman denied emotional support peacock on United flight

Birds of a feather may flock together, but United Airlines recently shot down one traveler’s request to bring her emotional support peacock on a flight departing Newark Liberty International Airport. Live and Let Fly reported earlier this week that even … Continue reading

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Why you don’t play with loaded guns

A senior member of the Hamas terrorist organization has died, a Hamas spokesman said Tuesday, three weeks after he suffered what the terror organization claimed was an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound in the head. On January 9th, Fawzy Barhoum, spokesman … Continue reading

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Long night…

I wonder how many city folks realize just how much night work is involved with farming?

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Shall we guess the race on this one?

A 17-year-old boy is fighting for his life at a Tennessee hospital Saturday night after a botched attempt at an Internet craze left him in a critical condition. Sherman Lackland, 21, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment … Continue reading

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One more time, people – it’s a natural cycle

January in Southern California is typically marked by rain, chilly temperatures and snow-capped mountains. But this month is ending on a decidedly hot and dry note, with umbrellas and sweaters giving way to bathing suits and air conditioning. MORE

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Still believing Mom’s lies?

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Do yoga? You’re a white supremacist then.

White people who do a downward-facing dog are contributing to a “system of power, privilege, and oppression,” according to a Michigan State University professor. Shreena Gandhi, a religious studies professor at Michigan State, claims in an article she recently co-authored … Continue reading

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Remember this?

A Crawford County couple on Thursday filed a lawsuit for damages sustained when they say officials forced them to decapitate their dog and take the head to the health department. Joe Goodwin and Tosha Dacon are suing the county, Sheriff … Continue reading

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Frank McNab

Frank McNab (or MacNab) (died 1878) was a member of the Regulators who fought on behalf of John Tunstall during the Lincoln County War. Of Scottish origin, McNab was a “cattle detective” who worked for Hunter, Evans, & Company, which … Continue reading

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“Why is there a crowd of men following me around?”

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