Remember when Deputy Snowflake had a panic attack? Check this shit out.

An unarmed man who was shot at by a Sevier County deputy without warning and was then charged with causing the law enforcer to have a panic attack says he’s being prosecuted to protect the county from shelling out monetary damages.

Brian Mullinax, 41, is charged with assault in Sevier County Circuit Court for causing Sevier County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Justin Johnson to suffer a panic attack four minutes after Johnson opened fire in a neighborhood without warning in December 2016.
Steve in KY

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10 Responses to Remember when Deputy Snowflake had a panic attack? Check this shit out.

  1. 1980XLS says:

    Is that fag still a cop?
    I sure hope not.

  2. MR says:

    So if a cop has a panic attack now…… they can charge whoever they decide? This is fucked up big time and look at where they are folks! This isn’t big city corrupt police departments, this is a backwoods hillbilly sheriffs office. This morherfucker shoots at unarmed people and gets a pat on the back and the people he shoots at get charged with a crime…… only in America my friends.

    Cops are so fucking corrupt … enough is enough of this cops are more important than “civilians” bullshit. Fuck em !

  3. StBernardnot says:

    After you can’t get justice from a bunch of “good ‘ol boys” then what?

  4. Bad_Brad says:

    You know I have my fair share of LEO friends and one thing they all have in common is out side their circle of friends, they don’t trust cops.

  5. Terry says:

    Making Florida look pretty good

  6. bayouwulf says:

    I think I heard the location of Jones Cove over the radio. If I was in Jones Cove with that bunch of hillbillies, I’d be having a panic attack too.

  7. Sarthurk says:

    I have my reserved regrets for trusting LEO. Accused by LEO with OOJ for submitting a supervisor approved letter to a judge. Numerous other crazy shit, but never detained, or arrested, ever. Goddamn game cops have snuck up on me numerous times for nothing. Most of those times, was I was out in the woods, doing my job as a state biologist, by state game cops. D’oh! I helped them nail a few serious criminal situations, that they would have never known about, and they treated me like shit.
    Well, I gave up on them long ago. they’re on their own. I know nothing.
    I just peeked in the cab of a Game cop’s truck cab the other day as I walking by.
    The AR in the rack between the two front seats, appears to have attached, a tach light, laser, IR system, and maybe even a grenade tube. The dude wears a belt with Taser, baton, and Springfield product of undetermined caliber. . . along with a bunch of other shit.
    I’ve known him since he was a cadet at age 18. He was nice then. I don’t know him now. Even though we still recognize each other.

    Oh well.

    Oh, I forgot! The LEO who ran off with my wife and children. That’s another can ‘O’ worms I don’t want to think about.


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