Shocking The Conscience: The Hammond Story

We reported on Duane Ehmer’s last ride to destination Hell (prison) on his horse, Hellboy.

Duane stated that the main purpose of his ride was, not to call attention to the injustice being heaped on him by a corrupt federal justice system, but to call attention to the plight of the Hammonds, the ranching family in Oregon.

To extract the maximum amount of benefit from Duane’s last ride, the sacrifice of LaVoy Finicum, who laid down his life for reasons related to the Hammonds and the greater cause of liberty, and the sacrifice made by the Bundys and many others, it is time to revisit the Hammond story and how it ties into the bigger picture.

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3 Responses to Shocking The Conscience: The Hammond Story

  1. Winston Smith says:

    If it ever comes down to
    1) sacrifice my life to make an example of ‘them’; or
    2) take at least one of the bastards to Hell (not the prison) with me…..
    that’s an easy choice.

    The rules don’t apply to some folks. Everyone can now quit pretending that they do.

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