Shut the fuck up, DiFi. You’re a joke.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) on Friday accused President Trump of “promoting a homogenous, white society” that would set the country back “generations” after he reportedly disparaged immigration from “shithole countries.”

“The president’s expressed desire to see more immigrants from countries like Norway must be called out for what it is: an effort to set this country back generations by promoting a homogenous, white society,” Feinstein said in a statement.

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15 Responses to Shut the fuck up, DiFi. You’re a joke.

  1. Alan says:

    How about a test? Set up 1,000 vacation packages with a lottery/drawing. Winner picks either a week in Norway, or a week in Haiti. Let’s see how that pans out.

  2. Grandpa says:

    The ignorance of the ‘Senatewhore’ is staggering. The truth is, those countries are shit holes. Pretending they aren’t in the name of diversity is fucking stupid. They have NOTHING we need, and nothing we want. They can keep their trash and disease. Perhaps libtards can go there and bring them out of the stone age. But we don’t need the stone age delivered here. Fuck that.

    • M. Sage says:

      Oh, she’ll be among the first to point out that the countries are shitholes as soon as you suggest sending people back to them. “But… you can’t send them back there! It’s a shithole!”

  3. Paul says:

    Obama said exactly the same thing about Libya and the media said nothing

    • pigpen51 says:

      What the fuck, Obama said bad shit about American’s clinging to their Bibles and their guns. Or Hillary and the basket of deplorables. So basically the Democrats can go fuck themselves. Of course, so can most of the Republicans as well, so it’s a wash.

  4. Westcoaster says:

    Trump asks a great question…..why DO we let all these money-suckers in from shithole countries?

  5. Ayetter says:

    Any country other than ours is a shithole

    • eclectickelvin says:

      We have big pockets of shitholes here in America. San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc. and that is where a lot of these shithole people end up making ithem even more of a shithole.

  6. California southpaw says:

    That there homogeneous white society might just have built EVERYTHING civilized that you enjoy. Be careful what you ask for, girlfriend.

  7. Don in Oregon says:

    “…set this country back generations…”

    I wish we COULD go back a few generations.

    • crazyeighter says:

      So do I. I’d make the circuit, kicking DiFi’s, Nancy P’s, and Chucky Schumer’s father in the nuts. One more generation to kick the younger Admiral McCain while I’m at it.

  8. Dave says:

    This Shit for Brains Broad, spewing Shit from her Shithole, a Senator of a Shithole, infested with Shit flingers and Shit smearing Shit for brains people.
    STFU Asshole!
    Hopefully Lil Kim incinerates that outhouse

  9. Rebar says:

    Hopefully Dianne will die of old age before we have to start listening to Kamala Harris. I hate to think we could have two of them. I always suspected feinstein was complicit in the murders of George Moscone and Harvey Milk. That was too convenient for her career. Good news is feinstein is 85 and should be dead in the next year or so. The !evel of healthcare government elites enjoy seems to really prolong their lives. Hopefully Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die of old age soon also.

  10. M. Sage says:

    In Texas, we consider transplants from California to be immigrants from a shithole state.

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