Snow Day

At least there’s no traffic running up and down our road today.

Our place.

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  1. John h says:

    And not a loaf of bread or gal of milk w/ in 20 mi. of ya. Hahahaha
    John h.

    • Wirecutter says:

      There’s not a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread within miles of us even when it’s sunny and 90 degrees out. Hahahaha

      • John h says:

        I grew up in chattanooga and if there was snow even in the forecast, by dinnertime, there would be a run on both items at every grocery store. My Dad had a 67 mustang and he put chains on it! But he always made it home from the mountains around there.
        John h.

      • Nemo says:

        From what I see in those pics that’s called a dusting where I live. ;^) Seriously, I spent a winter at USNS Norfolk, VA in the 60’s. One January day, we got 2″ of wet snow that froze overnight. Closed the base and the surrounding civilian environs for two days until the weather warmed enough to melt the snow. All of us that were from more northerly climes were laughing that the locals and the base had NOT ONE snow plow or sand truck. I still chuckle about it when I think of it.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    This shit is headed my way! No milk or bread, but I managed to score 1.5 liters of vino. That’ll do!

  3. Elmo says:


  4. PoppaGary says:

    It sure is pretty though! I LOVE the snow, even at 58 yr young and would be out there having a little fun, at least until it was time for some warm beverage.

  5. Mike says:

    What, no snowman in the front yard?

  6. Deb says:

    Beautiful. Beats rain in winter any day.

  7. rick says:

    So I guess making snow angels is out of the question?

  8. rick says:

    You could have Angel come over for a visit. She could, you know, drive over.

  9. Padawan says:

    Where we live that’s nothing.

  10. Sedition says:

    I guess word hadn’t gotten out when I was at the grocery earlier today ’cause they still had plenty and I was just there for smokes and a couple of tomatoes. School canceled tomorrow due to possible snow, definite icing event day down here in the extreme N/W Florida Panhandle. I bet people are freaking the hell out right now. Not me, I have months worth of shit to eat stashed back.
    Think I’ll grab a smoke and listen for all the sirens from the wrecks of freaked out sheep.

  11. Stevie says:


  12. Inbred Redneck says:

    Don’t tell me you left your tire chains in Kommiefornia, boy. If’n you did, tell me what size your tires are and I probably have a set stashed away that’ll do you for next time this happens and you need to go get some french toast fixin’s or Miss Lisa’s scripts. Them USPS flat rate boxes are cheap to ship up to 70 pounds and I can send ’em off tomorrow. You can always spray ’em with PB Blaster and hang the suckers up in the shed so you’ll have ’em ready for the next time you need ’em.
    Then again, bein’ as you’re retired and all, maybe you won’t have to do anything but sit by the fire and wait out storms for the rest of your years. Hope Miss Lisa ain’t gotten tired of you sittin’ around the house already. Can you hook up a harness for you and CGD to haul her around the yard on a sled? She can pretend to be Mrs. Santa Claus and call you Rudolph. Maybe I shouldn’t give her any ideas, huh?
    Email me if you need those chains. Whips are optional.

  13. Klaus says:

    I’m with Padawan on this one,a dusting maybe. How are those chickens dealing with it?

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’m changing their water every couple hours to keep it from icing over and have them locked up in the henhouse when it’s this cold. They stay in there anyways huddling to keep warm, so I just shut the door to keep the wind off them.

      • ron says:

        I have heated[electric] 1 gallon dog dishes for my poultry to drink from.
        available at most farm stores

        • Wirecutter says:

          I’ve got no electricity anywhere near where the coop is so until my lazy ass trenches the line this spring, I’m having to change the water.

  14. Brother Mark says:

    NW Pennsylvania here. My parents would buy milk in paper and plastic jugs and bread by the shopping cart and put it in the upright freezer to be used as needed. With 5 kids in the house we rarely ran out and just brought a gallon out to thaw when you only had a gallon in the fridge. We had a Strohmans outlet near my fathers work and he would buy the “old” bread 25 or so loaves at a time. If the bread was frozen you pry it apart with a bread knife and throw it in the toaster. No reason to run to the store or run out. When we were teenagers my mother would buy milk by the crate. Three gallons every other day with 4 teenage boys. She refused to buy soda so it was water, milk or cheap frozen orange juice from concentrate.

  15. john says:

    8 inches 2 hrs north of ya in KY, with a good base of ice. Waiting this crap out

  16. singlestack says:

    We got about that much snow today where I’m working in the Mississippi delta. It was windy with a high of 24 at 6 am. My crew and I are working on the 5th floor of a building that has had all the windows and doors removed. I hate winter.

    We Southerners react to snow the way we do because we don’t get much of it and we’re not used to it, like with northern states and college football championships.

  17. Cederq says:

    With the exception of Padawan, all you guys sound like pussies! Here in the wilds of South Dakota those temps and amounts are like the last days of winter. Ya’ll wouldn’t last 10 minutes here in your shorts with out getting frostbit in your delicates. You da MEN!

    • singlestack says:

      Come spend a summer in Mississippi tough guy.

      • Yep, or Alabama too!

        • Grandpa says:

          Lord have mercy… been through winters in northern Wisconsin, and northwest Georgia… been through summers in northwest Georgia and in southern Utah – and southern Nevada. For decades. You fuckers all sound like you’re the only fuckers who’ve ever had weather. Shit.
          Winters? Layer clothes like a motherfucker, whiskey and a milk house heater. Summers? Tank tops and swimming trunks, beer and a fan. And a garden hose.
          Geez isss. What the fuck is next, 9mm vs .45; AR vs. AK?
          But I do love y’all, and I’m hopin’ I made you smile.

        • Cederq says:

          I used to live in Alabama, Gadsden, Pine Level south of Montgomery and Ozark. I was stationed at Fort McClellan and Rucker, wouldn’t take pay to live in Mississippi…

  18. California Southpaw says:

    That road reminds me of when I lived in Shawnee KS in 1964. Good times-for us kids!

  19. linewalker says:

    A scene worthy of some homemade yeast rolls, spam, and a little spicy mustard (hot coffee to go with)

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