Sure she did…..

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11 Responses to Sure she did…..

  1. al says:

    While the parents are dumb as shit the child is still young enough to salvage.

  2. Canada Boots says:

    And then she said, “Right here Daddy… this is one of those SHIT HOLE countries I told you about!”

  3. guy says:

    …and then she performed a poignant interpretive dance.

    Or crapped her britches. Hard to say which.

  4. ZombieDawg says:

    Mummy…if the Earth is flat how do we have day and night? Mummy???

  5. Padawan says:

    Riiight. And I’m Jackie Kennedy.

  6. Robert Metcalf says:

    It’s easy to brainwash someone. A little more work to teach critical thinking.

  7. rayvet says:

    The original twin towers. If you went up to the observation deck on a crisp cold day, you could actually appreciate the curve to the earth and “See” that you’re on a globe. Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. This is wrong.

    • Nemo says:

      Actually at a height of just under 2000ft the curvature of the earth would not be visible from the twin towers unless one was looking at ships proceeding east over the horizon. Then one would observe the ship’s hull disappearing before it’s superstructure and infer that the earth must be curved. Earth’s curvature becomes apparent to the naked eye at somewhere around 35000ft according to multiple internet sources.

  8. warhorse says:

    somewhere, Loki and Coyote are laughing their asses off.

    “we got some of those mortals to believe it’s FLAT..AGAIN…the old tricks are the best ones!”

    “yeah but what about the time we convinced a guy in a bat cave to pray to a rock that looks like a baboon’s ass 5 times a day, and dogs are bad and women belong in black bags? and then he convinced millions of others to do the same thing? that one never gets old!”

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