The Rest of the Story

The true inspiration for Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech was not Ronald Reagan or Abraham Lincoln. It was Paul Harvey.

His five-minute daily show, “The Rest of the Story,” featured beautifully told tales of individual Americans and the challenges they overcame from a populist right-wing perspective.

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8 Responses to The Rest of the Story

  1. Chris Mallory says:

    Paul Harvey was a “populist right winger”? I always considered him a middle of the road centrist who put America first. Harvey’s finest hour was helping to safely talk Randy Weaver out of the trap the Feds had put him in.

  2. eclectickelvin says:

    His little stories about Reveille Ranch were always great to listen to. Loved starting the day out with his news

  3. Dollt says:

    Good Day

    • Westcoastdeplorable says:

      Back in my Radio days I worked for a couple of stations that carried Paul’s big 15 minute Noontime report. Since we pre-taped it, the trick was to pause the tape when Paul paused (say that 3 x fast) before he said his “good day”. Sometimes it wouldn’t happen until 10 minutes later between a commercial and a station jingle. Listeners caught on to what we were doing and would razz us about it.
      Paul’s “rest of the story” which ran in afternoon drive was always entertaining/enlightening.
      Earl Nightengale was another great storyteller. With incredible pipes that would rattle your speakers!

      • Odgreen says:

        Wow, Earl Nightengale.
        Thanks for a great brain jog, westcoastdeplorable, that evokes memories of stove perked coffee, fried eggs, moms homemade bread toast and the old mans Old Spice all at 6:15 AM. I am old…….

  4. NewVegasBadger says:

    I grew up listening to his news and commentary program and his “rest of the story”. He did have a way with words and a style uniquely is own. Paul Harvey was THE voice of middle class America, the common man. His holiday monologues were a treat to listen to. Paul made you proud to be an American.

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