“They just have to die”

Oprah on 20/20


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21 Responses to “They just have to die”

  1. Unclezip says:

    You first, scrunt.

  2. Steve_in_CA says:

    What a great campaign ad. What’s really ironic is that odouchebag fostered so much racism in his 8 years is that it will take another two generations for “them” to die off.

  3. Elric says:

    That’s gonna leave a mark…

  4. Grandpa says:

    Yes, “they just have to die.” But, as usual, Oprah has it backwards. Nice, though, that she reveals herself as the racist bitch she is. And that gated community and the ‘security’ she employs, will not save her when it goes loud. The 13% of the population will not like it when they learn the hard way that majority rules. Hell, they’ll be lucky if the messicans don’t tear ’em a new one first.

  5. Geoff R says:

    What a good candidate for POTUS.

  6. WoodBurner says:

    Won’t be seeing that clip on CNN.

  7. Exile1981 says:

    She’s a real piece of work. Complains about whites keeping blacks down but goes from ghetto trash to multimillionaire. If whites were suppressing blacks she wouldn’t have made that money.

  8. Andy says:

    They just have to die? Well of course they do. Just like everyone else up to and including you, you fat ass big mouth bitch of a cunt.

  9. Nemo says:

    Stirring up Obozo’s race war 2.0. ‘Course this clip will never be displayed by the LSM. While I respect Oprah’s sucess, racism goes both ways, except the minorities get away with it and are even championed in today’s fawning media.

  10. crazyeighter says:

    Better download a copy of that before it goes into the Memory Hole.

  11. Eric says:

    I would vote for that twat. NOT!!!!!! Its alright to be WHITE.

  12. Winston Smith says:

    That ugly bloated whale definitely isn’t the coolest monkey in the hood.

  13. Gregbee says:

    She was a member of Jeremiah Wright’s church just like Obama was if I remember correctly. Bailed out so she wouldn’t get bad press and hurt her financially.

  14. somedude says:

    Bracken’s when the music stops.

  15. bettysteve says:

    the reason people used to watch her show? to see what a multimiilionaire black CUNT looks like.

  16. pigpen51 says:

    The funny thing about history is, no matter how much you try to deny it, you cannot hide it. Just like their hero Nelson Mandela, from South Africa, the hero who personally brought down apartheid. Perhaps it would be informative to look into the actual history of what went on during the peaceful change over to power from white rule to black rule. How the ANC under the direction of Winnie Mandela herself often order the African Necklace for political enemies of her and her husband and their party. Here’s a hint, it involved a tire around the victims head, some gasoline, and that good old stone age discovery, fire. Perhaps another of their hero’s, Dred Scot. The slave who led a revolt, trying to get to the north, to become free, only to be forced back to the south into slavery, but whose rising up possibly led ultimately to the forcing of the civil war. They fail to mention that Dred Scot, on his way north, killed and butchered every single white person he and his followers came across, be they young old, infirm, male or female, infant, or even baby. Yes, you can try to deny history, buy you cannot hide from it. And the stories are there. So called scolars love to spew facts, about which they often make up or leave out relevant parts of the story. It doesn’t matter. The truth is out there, and there is always someone who is goint to dig up dirt. If Oprah has dirt on her, you can damn well bet that by the time that the apple trees are in bloom in Washington, someone will be ready with it. Just like you can bet that she is not going to like debating a man who does not show deference to her just because she is rich, female, and famous. In fact, Trump seems to take great delight in cutting people like that to the core. If she does run, I doubt she will even make it to any debate with Trump. I don’t thing she has what it takes to win the nomination for her party.

    • Andy says:

      She sure does have what it takes to win her party. Think about everyone before her on the left and consider just how low their standards really are, so yeah, she could.

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