Tom Petty’s death ruled an overdose

LOS ANGELES — Rocker Tom Petty died last year from “multisystem organ failure” caused by accidental drug toxicity, the Los Angeles County Coroner said Friday.

An autopsy found that Petty had several drugs in his system including fentanyl, oxycodone, temazepam, alprazolam, citalopram, acetylfentanyl and despropionyl fentanyl, the agency said.

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12 Responses to Tom Petty’s death ruled an overdose

  1. MMinLamesa says:

    Well that’s a lot more then “several” I can’t imagine taking any of those drugs and thank the Good Lord every night for my health. Most people my age(66) that I know are taking at least one or two prescription drugs but old Tom had 7 or 8 and counting. Looks like most are some kind of pain killer-he must have been really hurtin’

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    I’m shocked, I tell you! Next thing they’ll claim is “The King” was taking drugs.

  3. noncom says:

    Damn illegal drugs and the idiots who use them….but this is the United States of America, where we do have the right to do ourselves in if we so choose….at least, for now….of course, the socialists will keep trying to change that….my Dad drank himself to death at 58 years….did it harm anybody?….no…..and it was his choice….

  4. Reg says:

    ……..what a shocker……

  5. Djamer says:

    But was he a libtard or a repub? They can’t determine that in an autopsy?

  6. bogsidebunny says:

    It could have been worse. He could have been found dead in possession of a bump stock.

  7. donnie says:

    Respect. Petty spent 5 decades in the music business and, in my opinion, managed to keep his humanity. Still able to speak to normals in a normal way. Not many immersed in that culture for anywhere near that long can say the same. He might have popped off with a leftie opinion now and then, but he still had common sense. Just a damn shame.

  8. Aesop says:

    Accidental my ass.
    He didn’t intend to die, but he did everything possible wrong to get high.

    Acetylfentanyl is only a homecooked street drug, and so is despropinyl fentanyl, IIRC.
    Both are typically used to boost opiates, in a 1 + 1 = 37 sort of way.
    And he was on 3 different benzodiazepines.
    I’ma take a wild guess that he got no more than one of them using a legit Rx, and the rest were supplied by amateur pharmacology delivery specialists.
    And he was on so many drugs, his body organs failed, and it killed him.

    So rockstar killed himself because he was a stupid drug fiend.

    Another pharmacological genius. Color me shocked.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    • Aesop says:

      After looking them up, despropionyl fentanyl is medically available.
      But still probably not by prescription.
      And it was 2 benzos and an SSRI.
      Nonetheless, no one prescribed that cocktail, it was street-bought, and the only way to get acetyl fentanyl is from someone distributing what someone was cooking in their garage.

      And the only way to get enough of all those drugs in you at the same time, enough to cause organ failure, is a heroic effort to get deliberately stoned.

      Forest Lawn Level unlocked.

  9. Lylelovett666 says:

    As soon as you start mixing benzos & opiates,your days are numbered.

  10. GI-had Joe says:

    Pathetic. Sad.

    • anonymous says:

      Yeah, they say that people get more wise as they age, but in Petty’s case, it appears to be a ‘Benjamin Button’ (reverse aging). An enormous talent now gone. Sad for the family and friends who will miss him – he left awesome music to remember him by.

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