Well, go get laid to celebrate!

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17 Responses to Well, go get laid to celebrate!

  1. NewVegasBadger says:

    Regardless of how low you set the bar of expectations, there are some that will still manage a way to roll under it.

  2. MMinLamesa says:

    I’m positive she’s a moron

  3. Andy says:

    You mean trip over it?

  4. Frankie says:

    We have a winner! First prize is a pink hat. Congratulations

  5. Nemo says:

    Another product of an inner city public school education.

  6. Winston Smith says:

    Genetics Matters.

  7. warhorse says:

    usually when they have these sorts of tests, don’t doctors explain what the results mean?

  8. Jimmy the Saint says:

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. You can beat this! Stay positive! Uh, I mean…..

  9. hiholuis! says:

    Planned Parenthood, the delayed version.

  10. Samoore says:

    I’m positive I won’t be fucking her.

  11. Stretch says:

    There’s a reason certain expressions remain in use.

  12. Grandpa says:

    Who is this “we” you speak of, regarding ‘learning in elementary’? Pretty fucking obvious that you didn’t learn anything in elementary school – except a few hundred (or more) ways for different people to help you with the tickle between your legs….
    From what I recall of school, she’s an example of thoughtless sex – kind of like a monkey, or… nevermind.

  13. phil says:

    Tell her to take more heroin to lose more weight. It’s the same girl right. I mean there can’t be more than one of them like this? Right? Right? RIGHT!!!

  14. revjen45 says:

    I mean there can’t be more than one of them like this? Right? Right? RIGHT!!!

    No – look at how many Democrats there are.

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