Why, back in the OLD army…..

It was only a matter of time…

Since 2015, no woman has successfully made it through SFQC, or the Special Forces Qualification Course since Ash Carter, with a stroke of a pen, created the single greatest disaster in US military history, the authorization for women to serve in the combat arms and special operations units.

But, that is about to change…

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17 Responses to Why, back in the OLD army…..

  1. Unclezip says:

    I love the comment: “It is apparent that our government is giving Lesbian women the same right to be just as expendable. Now that is just social justice.”

  2. Steve says:

    Well that sent my blood pressure through the roof. Fucking outrageous. Gen Mattis needs to fix this shit now.

  3. Tsquared says:

    Back in the mid 80’s I had misguided aspirations of SF. When I completed Airborne School, I realized I did not have the physical stamina to go further down that path. Funny thing was I thought I was in better shape compared to most of the others in my shop.

  4. Ray says:

    Look on the bright side. IF CWII ever breaks out. It will be fagots and carpet munchers, with all the attendant affirmative action officers coming up the road and not real snake eaters.

    • bikermailman says:

      I’ve been tempted to think that way. Then I recall their attitudes toward military traditions, the Constitution…us…yeah, people with the hardware and zero restraint. We deserve it, doncha know.

      • Ray says:

        Yeh but hardware and intent are useless without proper training, selection, and motivation. You can be all kinds of faggoty evil. Kill children. Kill pets , old people, and cripples. But fold up under pressure. They make good modern cops where all you need is to be evil. But as infantry. No. as SPECIAL FORCES they would have there asses handed to them by old men and boys. The whole point of this has been to lower the selection and training standard to allow women and faggots to “serve” in what has become a political police force. This is not my step fathers Vietnam SF . These are not snake eaters. They are politically appointed cops.

        • crazyeighter says:

          I guess we’re going to have to depend on the remaining snake-eaters to run the wannabes out of SF, SEALs etc.

  5. De Oppresso Liber says:

    Mattis or the Joint Chiefs aren’t going to lift a finger. When Trump issued his order to reverse the transgender policy, they all sat and did nothing. As of 1 Jan they can all enlist.

    They started with the Rangers when they forged the records of those females and have been working on the others, picking them off one at a time.

    During ob’s tenure more than 250 Field Grade Officers were shown the door, all replaced with SJW’s. This is the by product of it.

    SFQ School will never be the same. I yearn for the days of my past and so should every other American.

    Tragic but forseeable!

  6. Trib says:

    Take a look at videos of women cops taking down bad guys. There aren’t any. Most of the women have one hand on their mike and one hand out to separate selves from the take down. Mean while their partner a male cop is on his on trying to subdue the bad guy. Bring extra body bags is right.

  7. Nemo says:

    After only reading the headline at the link and the commentary from WC above, I’m thinking this another Obuttboy policy begging for a Trump rollback. Either that or we’re soon not have ANY men left in SF in any service.

    • bikermailman says:

      On the flip side, they’ll be on our side. And even if they’re older, what do SF do? They train up civilians. Their skills can still be put to good use at any age.

  8. Paul J. says:

    Pathetic! I remember Marine boot camp in 1972. I kept thinking, what did they do to guys two years earlier?
    One of my best friends spent a tour in Vietnam in the Army infantry. He was 19
    I ask him when the softening of standards comes up. Have you ever met a woman who could do what you and the other young guys did for a year? The answer is always,”Hell No!

  9. pigpen51 says:

    They are going to make special forces just like special ed. I wonder if they will deploy on a yellow bus from now on. One thing that they can’t teach is the refusal to quit. I was an above average football and baseball player in high school, with college offers. Not because I was super good, but because I worked harder than anyone ever in the school I attended did. I don’t think you will see that in the military anymore, with no one to push them.

  10. Paul says:

    It was a little different in 62. I hope for the sake of our country and the guys in the groups that this gets nipped in the bud.
    Paul in Texas
    ODA 531

  11. czechsix says:

    Sad times indeed. Funny that they reference ROTC in the ’80’s, I went through ROTC Basic in 1980, the article’s description tells that they didn’t change much in five years.

    Hopefully with another term for Trump, this can all start to be reversed, but I don’t have much hope of that.

  12. Alex Lund says:

    Can you imagine these PC Special Forces snowflakes of today (and I dont include the old SF!!!) going toe to toe with russian Spetznas or Chinese SF?

    Should look like the Keystone Cops of the 1920 or Police Academy (movie).

  13. Mike_C says:

    Damn, but what I’d give to hear WeaponsMan’s analysis and commentary on this farce and tragedy in the making.

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