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The earpiece crackled in Jake’s ear from one of the handheld radios they were each tuned to. They’d picked up a couple of dozen surplused Motorola LE-only encrypted radios on eBay, and after a lot of work, Gene had programmed them all to use a normally unused simplex channel reserved for the authorities for tonight. All anyone else would hear was a brief bit of static with the factory encryption, but they still stuck to brevity codes.
Jake calmed himself. He knew the signs of buck fever, and he took a few moments to stretch his whole body, starting with his toes, and ending with his fingers. It wouldn’t be long now, and he didn’t want to be fighting adrenaline when the moment came.
The van he was in was non-descript. It was the twin of one belonging to a local business the next city over, and the plates on it would be back in the morning, with any luck at all. Inside was dark and quiet, but he could already hear the noise of the protesters as they moved down the main street, closing at the speed of a 6000-footed caterpillar, fueled by youthful exuberance, and a healthy amount of stupidity. Well, they were about to get a lot more education than what they’d gotten at U Cal, and he was happy to be a teaching assistant tonight.
He focused on the intersection, and checked over his gear one last time inside the darkened vehicle, as the sounds of yet another leftist temper tantrum grew louder by the moment.

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22 Responses to A reader was asking about this article

  1. Lawless says:

    That was it! Thanks brother!

  2. loaded4bear says:

    What a great read.

  3. nwoldude says:

    America is in a Fourth Turning. History teaches that it will become much worse than this. I believe it will become much worse. With 2-3 generations of morons leaving university as stupid as they appear to be I wish you all luck. You must have the military on the side of the President and the President believing the way you do. No amount of you/me with our “stores” will hurt an armored division.

  4. Pointy End Out says:

    Got me hard !

  5. Tsquared says:

    That is a good write-up on how easy something like this is. The fire-bomb part is a bit of extra risk – maybe ping pong balls filled with nitroglycerin thrown off a rooftop. The cell phone jammer also needed to be on a timer on a drone for retrieval.

    • Aesop says:

      Most COTS drones are run by cell phone apps.
      So putting a cell phone jammer on one is…problematic.

      Think about it.

      • Tsquared says:

        You land it on top of a building. After 20 minutes when the timer shuts the jammer off, lift off and return home.

  6. Tom W. says:

    If I remember correctly, I caught this last year on WRSA. Enjoyed it. It’s only ” fiction “………. ;-)

  7. pigpen51 says:

    I have been seeing more than the normal amount of anti gun talk in the various places that I lurk. Vigilance is suggested, and as always, keep buying ammo. It doesn’t spoil, and you don’t have to feed it. This is the closest that I have felt that the lefties have come to passing another stupid gun law since the Obama first coronation. With .22 ammo at almost the same prices as it was 20 years ago, it might not hurt to have a couple of thousand rounds stocked in the back room, just for insurance.

  8. Gryphon says:

    “No amount of you/me with our “stores” will hurt an armored division.”
    Explosively-Forged Penetrators.
    Thermite Canisters.

    Or just look up the Unit’s Officers on F**Kbook, go to their Houses, Kill Every member of their Families. That’s the Problem with whining soyboys like You nwoldude, You don’t understand that an (un)civil War in the CONUS puts the feral government forces’ “Tail” at Risk- the Patriots in Afghanistan have to Fight on the Front Lines, against Invaders. If the feral army tries this Here, the Bullets come from Behind.

    And No, I’m not Disrespecting the Soldiers, they are “Just Following Orders” as Soldiers always Do. Maybe, ‘This Time’ it will be Different, but I’m not holding my breath, not after “The War of Northern Aggression”.

    • nwoldude says:

      You talk the talk. Tell us about the walks you’ve walked. You knowing addresses and all.

  9. =TW= says:

    Short and sweet, a good read.

    Here’s another one, (not so short):

    Grab it if you can, you won’t be sorry.

    • Jeffery in Alabama says:

      Unintended Consequences is a must.
      Forever ask “WWHBD?”

    • warhorse says:

      when the world gets me in a rut, I open up “unintended consequences” starting where it says “present day” and have a good laugh at how badly Henry and company spanks the bad guys. i have a digital copy on the tablet I use at work, and even when I put on new books it stays.

      last week I went through the entire C.S. Lewis Narnia series. before that it was the Barsoom/John Carter of Mars series and the Lensman books.

  10. Smiley says:

    One commenter i thought had one interesting statement: “Never interrupt an enemy in the process of making a mistake.”

    But then, when they are so stupid why not help things along…

  11. warhorse says:

    this has got me thinking..was anyone ever able to recover a full version of “absolved”? I enjoyed the chapters Mike posted, and hoped to someday see the full book, assuming he finished it.

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