According to the Left, that shouldn’t have happened like that

MILWAUKEE — A carjacking suspect was shot and killed by his would-be victim early Monday, Feb. 26 near 91st and Fond du Lac in Milwaukee, and we’ve learned the alleged carjacker also had a gun.

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4 Responses to According to the Left, that shouldn’t have happened like that

  1. Ellimaeclampitt says:

    They have no chase policy in milw. Adult drug dealers and gang bangers have juvie thugs Jack the cars. The only time they get caught is when they plow into some innocent motorist then they get released and are back on the streets. I am following this story closely to see how much they fuck with they poor guy who took out the trash.

  2. rayvet says:

    Wait wait wait. This sounds like a good guy with a gun, taking care of a bad guy with a gun. This can’t be because the left tells me continuously that this just doesn’t happen.

  3. bob says:

    but I thought gun control was supposed to stop criminals from getting guns. imagine that, a criminal who doesn’t obey the law.

  4. C.R. says:

    Live like a hood rat die like a hood rat . If Mr carkackey guy would have, oh I don’t know, maybe had a job,and been working for a living, I’d bet a months pay he would still be alive . Instead of saying how freaking tragic it was that Mr Dumbass got himself shot trying to commit a strong arm robbery , maybe the cops ought to have said ” It served that bastard right, Good Job Citizen “

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