Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon…..

The moment a gigantic boar stands on his hind legs to chow down on garbage has been caught on camera — but it’s where the animal is doing it that’s causing concern.

Shocked parents taking their kids to school in Hong Kong spotted the huge animal standing on the tips of his hooves to get his head in the dumpster, while two piglets stand next to him.

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  1. anonymous says:

    They should be concerned. Feral hogs can cause a lot of damage to agriculture, have few natural predators, and can be dangerous to humans. Fortunately, their conversion to ‘bacon’ by hunters is easy enough – any deer rifle can handle this. Their status as a non game animal opens up opportunities for gathering them (open seasons, traps and non traditional ‘sporting’ practices). Many farmers likely would appreciate the help cutting down their numbers.

  2. warhorse says:

    dumpster pig? probably would taste like what it eats. it’s like bear..a dump bear is probably meat you’ll have to barbecue with lots of sauce..any other way and it will taste like garbage. an orchard bear, that ate apples till it couldn’t eat any more…now that’s good meat.

  3. Unclezip says:

    It’s open season on feral pigs in Oregon due to all the damage they’ve caused. I wouldn’t go so far as to eat one, due to disease.

    • Chet says:

      Kill the one you want to eat, then cook it correctly. You will be surprised how good it tastes. Acorns are a big part of pig diet, you wouldn’t think of eating acorns but on pig it tastes good. Pigs will eat their own too. Or even brother Billy if he falls down in the hog pen. I have eaten all kinds of pork. Wild pork is a little better than domesticated pork, but will have lots of less fat. Forget sowbelly or bacon on feral pigs. The best feral pig is piglet. Have the butcher cut it from snout to asshole down the spine then slow cook it. That is some “pulled pork” you never forget.

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