BLM decided picking on white men is too dangerous – now they’re taking on white women

For centuries, violence has been done in the name of–and even physically enacted by—white women. We have continued to perpetuate white supremacy in a myriad of ways, even while working towards social change. We as educators, organizers, and creative change agents believe in examining historical context in conjunction with personal story-sharing to reveal how white supremacy shows up in our own behavior. Through vulnerable discussions about individual complicity, we empower attendees to disrupt white supremacy from within their own communities. We believe that white women can be better accomplices in the fight for freedom and are committed to helping them embody that change.

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15 Responses to BLM decided picking on white men is too dangerous – now they’re taking on white women

  1. R says:

    It sounds like BLM does not understand the culture that they are attacking. You mess with me, You may just get smacked in the face before I walk away. Mess with my women, and I will kill you and salt your grave. This will not end well for BLM.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    I can’t wait till the BLMers go “nose-to-nose” with Babs Streisand. She win in one powerful snort.

    However, the bros might stand a fighting chance if they switched their assault tactics to: “lip-to-lip”.

  3. Roxann Roberts says:

    They come at me or my girls, it’s own They would want my husband to get to them first. I have way too much time to think up shit to do to a bitch that attacks me for no other reason than the color of my skin.

  4. Blu Vaner says:

    My wife would bust a cap in their sorry ass.

  5. Unclezip says:

    I left a comment on their site several days ago. Now they won’t even talk to me. Sad, I be.

  6. truthzzzz says:

    People of color are stating publicly that they desire to destroy whites and whiteness.
    They are doing so in South Africa. Just see all the black people murdering white farmers who brought wealth to areas being massacred by those black people. See the invaded black tribes in South Africa (Bantu and Zulu) consider the two original very small in numbers black tribes there to be sub human animals. The two tribes were in part of South Africa when the Boers arrived ~500 years ago. See South Africa starve to death and reduce the population to the almost empty number that existed there before the Dutch settled and almost empty land and fed the blacks so that they massively increased in number. See the English who committed most of the atrocities leave and let the Boers watch President Zuma of South Africa sin the “Kill the Boer” song on stage in the past.
    Lauren Southern (Rebel Media)and others have done some good documentation of the attacks on white people in South Africa. We may have to act as they treat us as being in order to survive. These are dangerous times.

    Why did the whites generously act to increase the non white population here and now are called racists for it and told they must be killed for doing that racist act?
    What does IQ have to do with any of it?

    In South Africa it was ~20% white and about 80% Northern invaded black tribes when the country was surrendered to Mandala. Whites are 8% now after another 20,000,000 Northern blacks invaded acrosss the open borders. Now if any company has more than 8% white employees that company is told that they must hire more blacks to make the ratio 8% whites.
    Capetown does not have the skilled people working in its water department and the city will run out of water in the month. Engineers and other skilled whites who could run that and other Western systems are now in homeless encampments. That is progress. A saying in South Africa is better to have 100% of 100 rather than 10% of 10,000,000. So it returns to closer to the underpopulated norm of pre-settled Southern Africa.
    There is dangerous genocidal stuff going on in many parts of the world.

  7. Just a Chemist says:

    Yea… white women that are loved by pissed off white men, many of whom do not yet self-identify as “white” men. This is going south.

  8. Pbnuc says:

    The female is often the deadlier in many species.

  9. MadMarlin says:

    Why are the Bureau of Land Management going after white women? I’m confused, does it have something to do with the 40 acres and a mule distribution plan? Yes I know what the acronym means, but every time I see blm I automatically think of the Bureau. We live in really weird times.

  10. John Deaux says:

    All I have to say on this matter is bring it and see how it works out for you

  11. Differ says:

    Isn’t that campaign a spoof?

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