Buyer Beware

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10 Responses to Buyer Beware

  1. lg says:

    Some one needs to calibrate that machine.

  2. George says:

    Same thing with medium vs large fries!

  3. Klaus says:

    I guess you’re making out if you are buying the small.

  4. Fred Z says:

    Our local McDonald’s have all gone to self dispensing cold drinks, with free refills.

    Even so, our local idiots still order and pay for large cold drinks for eat-in meals.

    • Bob M says:

      They want the large cup so they can fill it up before leaving. Gotta have that continuous feed of sweet liquid all day long….


  5. MikeG says:

    Not suprising. I once saw a McD’s worker mistakenly serve up a medium fries to the guy ahead of me in line when he had ordered a large. When the guy pointed it out, the counter guy removed the fries from the tray and, while the customer was busy on his phone, put the same damn fries in a large container and gave them to the customer.

  6. Just a Chemist says:

    One has ice, the other does not. Makes a big difference.

  7. Why buy your burger from a clown when you can buy one from a king?

  8. AlphaDelta says:

    It ain’t just McDonald’s pulling that crap.

    Small vs large beers at Quest Field, from 2011:

    It isn’t enough for the billionaire owners buying off politicians for their taxpayer subsidized arenas, they also have to screw the herd gullible enough that pays to attend their sportsball games.

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