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  1. Nemo says:

    That pic is disgusting on so many levels. I still can’t believe that the Aussie’s, supposedly some of the most independent minded people on the planet, just rolled over and let their government take away their guns and aided and abetted said government by VOLUNTARILY turning them in. Effg pathetic.

    • Sendarius says:

      While I agree about it being disgusting, there is more information that you have to know to better understand.

      Australia had FULL registration of ALL firearms (except for a few exceptions in time and place) for DECADES prior to this.

      Gun owners needed a license (renewable annually) that listed ALL guns they possessed or used (not just owned), and required a permit-to-buy for all purchases, both commercial and private.

      In summary, the authorities KNEW, without any doubt, who owned what in the way of firearms.

      It comes down to “hand them in, for compensation” versus “we know who you are, we are coming to get you, and you WILL spend time in prison”.

      Most people will make the same decision, for their family’s sake if nothing else.

      Having said that, the confiscation – sorry, “buyback” – netted me in excess of $12,000, which I promptly spent on more, and more powerful, guns.

      So, to all those who decry that “registration leads to confiscation” – you are absolutely correct.

    • Geoff R says:

      Australia’s gun collection was a buy back scheme.650,000 guns for a cost of $500 million,if you kept your gun,you just had to have the paperwork.America,using the same idea would have to spend around $225 billion for the same scheme.You have an estimated 300 million guns,good luck dragging all them in.Gangs,illegals and goat pluggers will happily comply.

      • Sendarius says:

        “… if you kept your gun, you just had to have the paperwork.”

        Sorry, that is absolutely NOT true.

        The government outright BANNED some firearms:
        Semi-automatic shotguns
        Pump-action shotguns
        Semi-automatic rifles (both centre-fire and rim-fire)
        Handguns over .38″ bore

        In addition, all magazines over 10-round capacity were declared illegal, INCLUDING THOSE BUILT-IN TO THE FIREARM, so Winchester lever-action rifle with more than ten round tube – BANNED.

        So, just in my experience:
        Ruger 10/22 – BANNED semi-auto rifle
        Colt .45ACP pistol – BANNED over .38″ bore
        Custom .40S&W Para Ordnance pistol – BANNED over .38″ bore
        Browning HiPower – original magazines BANNED as over 10 rounds
        Colt Ace .22 conversion – forced to surrender (base pistol BANNED)

        Some exceptions were eventually negotiated for pest exterminators (.223 AR-15), security guards (.40S&W Glocks with standard magazines), etc but if you were not in those special categories it was NOT POSSIBLE to “have the paperwork”.

        If you chose NOT to surrender the targeted firearms before the deadline, then no compensation would be paid, and prosecution would be launched immediately after the police raided your house, seized the firearms, and arrested you.

  2. 9Booger says:

    I wonder if any of the really good stuff wound up in someone working at the drop off’s trunk

  3. paulb says:

    Happens to a country that started as an outsourced prison. We were founded by people who came here because the did not like the king saying what they could do with their back yard. Not people who steal the lawn furniture out of your back yard.

    no one there bought into the cold dead hand motif. we on the other hand do.

    getting closer to gloves off time.

  4. Eric says:

    simply NOPE.

  5. Murkan Mike says:

    I’ve had this discussion with my German wife for the past few days. The Aussies are just basically Brits at heart, and are too well-healed to go against whatever their Gummint says because it is afterall “The best for everyone.”

    I think Americans would get out the pitchforks, nooses and rifles. Well, maybe not those snivelling pussy students that were on CNN today, but most everyone else.

  6. wes says:

    I won’t argue that it may be coming soon, but I can promise it will not be easy for them. They can pass all the law’s they want, it won’t change a damn thing. I am one who won’t comply, and have put a lot of thought and no little amount of prep into what happens after the hammer drops.

    The correct answer to all this bullshit is no. No bluster, no threats, no bravado, just no.

    I will not comply
    I will not yield
    I will not surrender

    I may be forced to flee, but take note, you would have to be a damn fool to follow me into the wild. I know every rock and every twig on a first name basis. In the desert I know of water where there is none. In the mountains my feet have trod every trail, including the ones not on any map. I know every bit of cover, every hidden hollow, every seep and spring. I won’t need long supply lines because the wild will give me everything I need to survive – water, food, and shelter.

    In the wild the animals talk to me, not in some weird “I’m having a pseudo sexual bonding of my essence with a knife type of thing” like secret squirrel sammy, but through the way they move and behave.They will communicate your presence and actions better than any piece of technology.

    Anyone on my back trail will be treated as an enemy. I will strike without warning and be gone before the reaction sets in. I may or even probably, will die, but there will be the blood of many enemies greasing the skids to Valhalla before I do.

    Now multiply me by hundreds, thousands, more likely millions.

    Is anybody really ready for that? Any you want to take our weapons —


    • wes says:

      damn, the end of that last line should read ‘And you want to take our weapons’

    • Skipperdaddy says:


    • J says:

      “The correct answer to all this bullshit is no. No bluster, no threats, no bravado, just no.”

      May I add, “Say No-Thing.”
      A Target that isn’t seen as a Target, can’t be Targeted.

      God Speed

    • Westcoastdeplorable says:

      Right there with ‘ya Brother. My cold dead hands.

  7. OhShit! ---luis says:

    Anyone read William Cooper, Behold The Pale Horse?. Page 225 reads like what is happening now.

  8. pigpen51 says:

    I don’t have an AR or an AK, but if it looks like they are going to be banned, I WILL buy one or the other. They are the canary in the coal mine to me.

  9. ZombieDawg says:

    Brings back memories…
    You can’t even legally own a catapult these days, pussy-whipped country it’s become.
    Still… I’ve got a few goodies stashed away.
    Wait until the global food crisis ramps up and crime/violence goes crazy. Gunna be an ugly picture worldwide…
    I warned people years ago that the USA would go down the same path of progressive gun restrictions…never happen they said..yeah..

  10. 15Fixer says:

    I sure would like to hijack the dump truck taking these to the junkyard……

  11. J says:

    That picture will surely appear in CONUS Publications in the future. We have already seen some “Glory Seekers” via Youtube.
    It will also be, less than a Snowflakes worth of water when all is said and done.
    Yet be hailed as a “Sign,” America is “On the Proper Course”…it will also be, “Fake News” and Propaganda.

    As a Armorer/Trainer at my Local Store and Range, I see 6 Days a Week….what people are buying and asking for.
    My encouragement comes from the “Quality of People” coming to my Local Establishment.

    Myself, I am actualy, quite optimistic.

    Piss on the graves of those that Piss on our Republic, “The Truth”… is Not being Published or Written about.

    Stay in the Fight folks, I hear no fat lady singing or humming…in my neck of the woods.

    God Speed

  12. .45-70 says:

    I was without an AR, as I’m more into big bore single shot rifles.

    But for X-mas I bought Ruger AR-556. It’s a good well built no frills black rifle. It’s a hoot to shoot.

  13. kennymac says:

    Progs seem to think that we can’t keep children from crossing the border, we can’t keep criminals from crossing the border, we can’t keep drugs from crossing the border, but we will be able to keep guns from crossing the border. How stupid do you have to be to believe that?

    “Australia has 260,000 illegal firearms in circulation, inquiry told”

    • Sendarius says:

      That is a SERIOUS underestimate.

      I would say that a more accurate estimate probably puts a ‘1’ in front of that figure.

  14. majmike says:

    From my cold, dead hands.

  15. Sanders says:

    “If you try to take our guns, we will kill you.” – Vanderboegh

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