Diversity and shit

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6 Responses to Diversity and shit

  1. NewVegasBadger says:

    When some one calls me an asshole, I tell them that I don’t want for any one to think I’m an asshole. I want them to be 100% certain of it. Given the size of her ass, she has not missed any meals and has spend way too much time sitting on it.

  2. HoLuisHi! says:

    But when we avoid them, we a are racist.

  3. Tom MacGyver says:

    I was over at Filthie’s Thunderbox a minute ago. He has a photo of this broad (and I do mean BROAD) getting into her car after thrashing the store!

  4. AlphaDelta says:

    Nog women beware.

  5. Pigg says:

    Watched this on youtube and this channel has a dumbass putting a metal pan on his head then running out into a storm. Yes, lighting seemed to have found him.

  6. Djamer says:

    I just don’t understand how their asses can get that huge and even double that one. . . I don’t really want to know either.

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